Saints, Drew Brees championship window is closing


drew brees

Drew Brees has all the weapons he needs to make another deep run. Health will be key. The offseason was busy, but the overall grade out is essentially a wash. The Jimmy Graham drama seems to be over for now. I’ll spare you a recap/analysis of that since it’s already been over-covered as it is. Overall, NOLA has to be the favorite in the NFC NASCAR division.

drew brees

Those conversations we’re having about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, about their windows closing in the next year or two….we’ll have the same exact conversation about Drew Brees when we preview the Saints in 2016 or 2017. You know the offense is going to be good. Former Ilini and Chicago south suburbanite Pierre Thomas is dangerous, but he needs to be even better now to offset the loss of Darren Sproles. They added Brandin Cooks and his 4.33 speed. He’ll contribute right away.

The Saints are the type of team that Roger Goodell should masturbate to, as they are the ideal structure of today’s NFL: 2nd in passing, 2nd best against the pass. That’s a winning hand. Oh wait, Goodell’s wet dream team would actually be the team that’s 1st in passing and 32nd in passing yards allowed…but the point still remains.


Finally, Here’s a video in which Cameron Jordan says that he wishes he could sack his own quarterback, Drew Brees.

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