Bill Belichick hates Tim Tebow; making himself more likable



Bill Belichick isn’t usually described as “polarizing.” He’s for the most part, hated. Not so much on this website, where Belichick is beloved and revered. Tim Tebow is considered “polarizing,” because he’s both hated and loved. While people disagree on their feelings about Tebow, anyone with a football IQ agrees he receives way more media coverage than he deserves.

He’s terrible at NFL football, but has a higher Q rating than Pro Bowl starting quarterbacks. Bill Belichick is simply not having any of that shiz up in here.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports the same hype and media circus that makes Tebow attractive for ratings and sponsors is likely keeping him out of most NFL camps. Some of the chatter Silver dissects includes a Patriots source saying the team is unlikely to sign Tebow because Coach Bill Belichick “hates” him as a player. The Patriots, with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels — the former Broncos coach who drafted Tebow — have been linked to Tebow as a possible destination. But the Patriots’ source said the team won’t take a chance on Tebow as a situational player because “they wouldn’t like the circus that comes with it.” (SI)


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