Lebron James most underpaid in NBA? And Interesting NBA Fines Info



Researching NBA salaries and found that LeBron James is the most underpaid athlete in the NBA. Here are some of the more powerful statistics we’ve found: LeBron James is the 13th highest paid player in the NBA. Players ahead of him include Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Roy, and Elton Brand.

The year after gaining LeBron James, the Miami Heat saw a 99% increase in the their local TV ratings on Sun Sports Network.

From 2010 (Before The Decision) to 2012 (After The Decision), the franchise value of the Miami Heat increased by $93 million (from $364 million to $457 million). To help further explain why LeBron James is the most underpaid player, check out these facts and figures.

The NBA recently announced that flopping will be fined more harshly during the playoffs. Specifically, there will be no warning for flopping; just an immediate $5,000 fine. Following this announcement, Crunchology brings you this detailed look at the history of NBA fines.  This piece will take you on a tour of the NBA fines landscape, investigating the most common fines, the most heavily fined individuals, interesting fines and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

Fines were separated into very basic categories. You can see the breakdown of frequency and average cost of each fine category, based on data from 2003-13.

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