Mets love songs popular on Twitter this Valentine’s Day



We haven’t done a St. Valentine’s Day post yet today, so I give you one of the biggest trending terms in the United States #MetsLoveSongs. That’s right, the New York Mets, those overpaid, underachieving crown princes of MLB are the toast of twitter. Share the love


I was made for bankruptcy baby #MetsLoveSongs

MsJessIfYoureNasty @BluEyezJess

Sitting On The Dock w/Jason Bay, Watching My $66 Mil Waste Away. #MetsLoveSongs

D.J. Short @djshort

“Bridge Loan Over Troubled Water” #MetsLoveSong

Mets Merized Online @MetsMerized

Rolling in the Debt #metslovesongs

Greg Prince

50 Ways to Trim Your Payroll #MetsLoveSongs

Jeff @FreeBald

Love Will Keep Us Telgheder #MetsLoveSongs

Jessica DeMattia @jessicabrooke5

Love Me Wright #MetsLoveSongs


#MetsLoveSongs One More Chance “Jason Bay Remix”

And of course, I chimed in a couple “Can’t buy me contention” and/or “can’t buy me competitiveness”


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