Victor Lindelof Reads What’s Written About Him; Doesn’t Focus on it


victor lindelof

Of all the athlete interview cliches and spokesperson programmed responses, the old “I don’t read what’s written about me” might be the funniest of all. That’s because it’s about as far from the truth as you’ll find. While the players themselves might be too busy to go online and find their press clippings and read them, their family members quite often do.

Whether it’s family, friends or just assorted hangers-on, there is almost always someone around the athlete who finds and reads the coverage, and if its incendiary or critical, you better believe it gets back to the player. That’s why it’s very commendable of Manchester United central defender Victor Lindelof to freely admit this.

victor lindelof

Lindelof says he has seen what’s written about him, but doesn’t focus on it after making the squad for the 3-0 home win over Basel to open United’s UEFA Champions League campaign. The match marked the Old Trafford debut for the £30.75 million summer signing, MUFC’s first of the window.

The Swede had not seen the pitch since his the UEFA Super Cup loss to Real Madrid.

“I think it was a very good debut,” Lindelof said after the victory. “To play my first match at Old Trafford is something I have really waited for. It felt really good. I played my own game and did what I was told to do on the pitch.

“Now I’m going to leave the match for a while and then watch the replay to see if there’s anything that I could have done better. I feel pretty confident and know what I’m able to do.”

victor lindelof

Victor Lindelof had been expected to be immediately integrated into the rotation, but manager Jose Mourinho has instead elected to ease him in gradually. Lindelof’s absence has invited critique, which the central defender addressed head on.

“I have noticed what’s been written, but it’s not something that I have focused on. I try to focus on my game and add as much as I can to the team,” he said.

“(The defensive competition) feels good. They are all good players and I think it’s easy to play with them all. We’re going to play the system the manager thinks is the best. I’m used to playing with four at the back, but if Mourinho wants to play with five or three, that’s no problem at all.”

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