Top Five Candidates to replace David Moyes at Old Trafford



Update: Daily Mirror reports United are contemplating life after Moyes.

David Moyes has had about as disastrous a debut season as Manchester United Manager as one could believe. The transition from Sir Alex Ferguson to David Moyes has seen records fall over and over again. The wrong records.

Don’t get any ideas about Sir Alex Ferguson coming out of retirement. That’s gonna happen, The Mirror also reports. Sir Alex is enjoying life with his two jobs as United Team Ambassador and his new coaching role with UEFA.

Every time you think MUFC reaches rock bottom, a new bottom drops out. Has David Moyes completely lost the dressing room? Perhaps. Maybe not. You can’t blame David Moyes for everything.

Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda had a funny joke at Moyes expense. Then there’s the angry United fan who got this anti-Moyes tattoo. More media stories are leaking out, the comments of Robin van Persie are very telling, maybe United don’t truly believe in him. So if he is sacked who should replace him?


A must-read piece from Miguel Delaney at ESPN FC. He’s listed five candidates, with Juergen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund his number one choice. Whether it can actually happen or not? Click on his piece to find out. Other four candidates that Delaney has:

Diego Simeone, Louis van Gaal, Fabio Capello and
Antonio Conte

Go click here to read his rationale

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  1. Moye should be given more time at man united&man united prayers should be desperate for winning more games man united can still beat olimpiakos

  2. Pls Man utd executives shud sack MOYES cuz he’s used 2 failure. I cn’t remember d year i saw man utd in 6th position in d premiership, pls sack Moyes, pls sack Moyes

  3. swag jeez says:

    Pls manutd should sack David Moyes because he is totally clueless

  4. Moyes should be sacked. Manutd has tested defeats so much. says:

  5. Alapo Temmy says:

    Pls sack DM he has shown us on different occasions that he is not capable, given that even if he has to stay he will continue failing and all the good records will be broken in no time. DM has turned old trafford to BONANZA ground! Any team can come and get their focking point(s) and walk away, depending on their seriousness! When they are serious they go with 3poits but when they are not the still manage 1 point! This is bullshit! DAVId MOYEs should be sacked Pls. We love man utd and we can’t continue to watch it sinking while the solution is only to drop DM. Man utd I remain 4 life….

  6. Theophilus says:

    Pls ask klopp of dortmond to take our next match against westbron if not another 3point will b sacrificed. Moyes lack tactical awareness and have selection problem. Sack him in d next 24hrs. United we stand.

  7. We expect fergie to publicly admit he has made grievous mistake or was bias for appointing this failure personified as his successor simply because they are both from Scotland. Moyes is naived, timid and uninspiring. He has displayed uncountable times his lack of competence and we expect him to be sacked within the next 24hrs. United 4ever!

  8. Bahamwithi Hagayi says:

    Moyes fears his dressing room so the option would have been the coming of luis van gaal who is mature in football and even players can not overlook him as they do to moyes.van gaal has all the potential speak out players hear,to me united should bring in Louis Van Gaal Who have moved apart.

  9. Michael Mulema says:

    Moyes should be sacked immediately together with Fergie who has no loyalty to the club. He can not pick someone because he’s a fellow Scot and u don’t build managers the way u build players! He(Moyes) spent many years @ Evveton and achieved nothing and now the players there are happy because their manager has instilled a winning mentallity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    moyes apewe tym kiasi coz hata fugie took ova 5 yrs to pocket tha first trophy

  11. Plz Sack Moyes Coz The More He Stays De More Get Bad Results!

  12. dentix ombongi says:

    moyes out…. the moo he stay da moo we fail… let moyes be sacked

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