David Moyes backlash, fly-over protests only embolden him more



The David Moyes backlash is stronger than ever. Tomorrow when Manchester United hosts Aston Villa, there will be not but two different groups utilizing the sky above Old Trafford to express their message against the embattled Man U. manager and “The Chosen One” banner that celebrates him. If those United supporters who paid for the fly-overs believe their stunt will inspire Moyes to step down, they’re wrong.

“All it has done is strengthened my resolve to get the job done right,” the defiant manager said today of the backlash against him.

“I’m more driven to succeed than ever. I want to change the position we’re in just now. I really do believe we can do that.”

So that’s his response. It appears the David Moyes backlash has not changed his mind about whether not not he’s in over his head. And the embattled and beleagured boss also turned down the opportunity to rip the fans who planned the ‘Moyes Out’ stunt.


“I’ve heard of it and what they’re saying about it,” he said.

“It’s a long journey here and this is just the start of the journey.”

So he just gave a platitude and the party line as a counter to the David Moyes backlash.  The blame should be spread around.

Not just Moyes, but the players too and even Sir Alex Ferguson, who received abuse for installing Moyes as he sat in the directors’ box on Tuesday.

The Chosen One banner is certainly a polarizing presence within the Manchester United fan base. At Old Trafford it really inspires a passionate backlash. The Chosen One banner was almost ripped down following the 3-nil loss to local rivals Manchester City on Tuesday. Stadium stewards had to be called in to stop angry Red Devils supporters from taking it down. 


Some fans had earlier called for the group that made the banner – Stretford End Flags (SEF) – to remove it following the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool almost two weeks ago. SEF has stated the banner will remain for now.

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  1. F–k off DMoyes

  2. Jason gerrard says:

    He is definitely the wrong one, it’s him and him alone that has put united in this sh1t, he picks the team,he chooses there positions on the pitch,he changes the team every game,he is out of his depth at old trafford, you only need to see how Everton have blossomed without gollum, he was holding them back, he wouldn’t know how to win silverware, then two 0-3 home defeats to our bitterest rivals was very hard to take, then the brain dead ancient piece of crap goes on tv to say that he wants united to aspire to there level, we need to go back to the dark ages and have the useless prick, hung,drawn and quartered or send him to iraq so we can watch on the Internet him getting beheaded by al Qaeda .. Please please please with a cherry on top leave united and hone your managerial training on a Sunday league pub team.

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