Samantha Ponder verbally and rightfully smacks David Pollack



Samantha Ponder just became a lot more likable.

GameDay’s Samantha Ponder (formerly known as Samantha Steele, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder) stated on Twitter that she was verbally assaulting Pollack on the bus and that he “needed to make her a sandwich.”

HAHAHAHAHA. Good for her.

We all love a good media fight don’t we? Well, this is actually more than that; as Samantha Ponder is making an important statement, fighting back against sexism.


On Saturday, college football analyst and ESPN College Gameday co-host David Pollack suggested women shouldn’t be on the selection committee for the college football playoff. It’s rumored Condoleeza Rice will be named as one of the nine members of the committee. Pollack performed a bit that was a more sexist version of the “you don’t know because you didn’t play routine.”


The suggestion didn’t sit well with Samantha Ponder who tweeted:

“Verbally destroying @davidpollack47 on the bus for his comments about Condi. Next, he makes me a sandwich.”

A few moments later, Samantha Ponder cooled off and gave a more PC version of her own response. But still stood her ground on Pollack being an idiot troglodyte on this one issue:

“For those asking, I’m glad @davidpollack47 gave his honest opinion. I respect his right to be wrong.”

Pollack’s version of an apology was claiming that he was only saying that he wants people on the committee that eat, breath and sleep college football and that it had nothing to do with men or women..

Bonnie Bernstein chimed in; with a more measured, but still assertive tone than Samantha Ponder. She tweeted:

“Hearing you don’t think women should be on CFB Playoff Selection Comm bc they didn’t play. You & I should chat…”

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