Avril Lavigne’s new song is SO BAD that they pulled the video down



Poor Avril Lavigne.

I guess being Mrs. Nickleback has led to her husband’s suckitude at music rubbing off on her. I’ve never heard of a major artist taking their own music video off the internet right after it was released; due to the song and video being thoroughly panned by all the critics. But that’s exactly what happened to Avril Lavigne today.

What has happened to our Canadian snow pop princess?


She’s obviously gone soft and lost her manufactured “edge.” Her commodified version of dissent has become even more focus-grouped. Here’s what Time had to say about Avril Lavigne:

A message to our alien overloads: Who are you and what have you done with Avril Lavigne? Last time we checked on our beloved h8r of sk8r bois, she was riding around town handing out middle fingers like Halloween candy with the propulsive pop-rock of “Rock N Roll” and “17.” Clearly she’s been body-snatched for “Hello Kitty,” a sugar-coated dance jam that sounds like Ke$ha covering “Harajuku Girls”-era Gwen Stefani and looks like an extraterrestrial parody of contemporary pop music.

rays-baseball avril lavigne

Fashion Times gave Avril Lavigne a nice smackdown too:

The music video “tries to do nothing. Its laziness is demonstrated in the first 21 seconds, during which Lavigne holds a plush stack of cupcakes, shakes her hips, stares at the cupcakes, bounces her shoulders” and more.

At one point, Lavigne even sang the line, “Someone chuck a cupcake at me.”

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  1. What happened to the Avril Lavigne I fell in love with 3 years ago??? The independent, rock star chick that didn’t care who thought what about her, and encouraged us fans to be ourselves? I miss her so much! Come back Avril! We love you just the way you are… As yourself….. If this Nickleback dude doesn’t then he’s stupid! Don’t stop being yourself or change for somebody! Weren’t you just telling us that? Why are you doing this to us?

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