Is Ohio St. being straight with us on the health of Braxton Miller?



Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is probably the most decorated player of Big Ten Media Day the past few years. Despite the fact that he is yet to win a Big Ten title. He gets a lot of love from the local media, who do nothing but toss him softball questions. To be fair, I have heard one reporter jokingly say to him at a media day: “only 20 more minutes of torture,” denoting the time remaining in the press conference session.

But for the most part, the local Columbus media will never ask any tough questions, out of fear of getting on the bad side of Urban Meyer. Then they’ll get their access cut off. And that is a problem. Especially in times like these when Braxton Miller is being limited in practice everyday and we don’t have a straight answer as to why.

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The Big Ten OT I think said it best:

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller may be one of the most explosive quarterbacks the Big Ten has ever seen, but he’s also one of the most injury-prone we’ve ever seen as well…

…Call me crazy, but I’m not buying what Miller is selling. Sure, mental reps for a quarterback can be a good tool, but the reality is nothing prepares you to compete on the field than by actually playing the game.

For Miller, that means throwing the football — something he has done very little of up to this point in time.

braxton miller

I don’t think Braxton Miller, Urban Meyer or anyone on the Buckeyes are being straight with us right now on this issue; in my humble opinion. So should OSU Bucknuts be worried?

Here to break it down with me is Ohio State expert Del Yates of WLS AM. Follow him on Twitter @Hollywood_Yates 

In our podcast below we talk Miller, Buckeyes, season predictions and much much more:

Oh and by the way here is Braxton Miller meeting the press at Big Ten Media Days.

Miller gets asked really hard hitting, very news intensive questions by the local Ohio media about how it felt to go undefeated and how special it is to be a Buckeye:

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