CJ Bacher and Tyrell Sutton present alternative solution to CAPA


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Former Northwestern QB CJ Bacher is speaking out against another Wildcats starting quarterback, as he’s upset with the way Kain Colter has portrayed the NU football program during the NLRB proceedings. Bacher, along with another former NU star skill position player, running back Tyrell Sutton have fought back against Colter with a PR counter-offensive.

Their message is being spread by a publicity firm and press release. And CJ Bacher was on 87.7 The Game talking about unionization, Colter and much more. He also did The Gottlieb Show and Big Ten Network. So he’s gotten a lot of publicity for his cause. Still, the public just isn’t interested. At all.


This post you’re reading now went live on Thursday, and accrued two entire page views the first three days it was up. Then it got 0 on Saturday and 3 yesterday. Today it has a whopping ten page views. So that’s 15 page views over six days.

That said, I myself, find this extremely fascinating. I would love to interview Bacher, and read through everything he has to say and possibly debate some of his points after analyzing them. I think it would be interesting, fun and educational. However, I can’t because of economic opportunity cost. Hardly anyone would read it, and my revenue is partially based off how many times the pages load, so I simply can’t waste the time.

On Sunday, February 23rd, CJ Bacher released an article on his company’s platform, HuddlePass: Sunday Morning Quarterback: Former Northwestern Players Upset with CAPA Testimony in which he asserted that Colter had completely misrepresented the Northwestern Football Program in order to push the agenda of the players union.

Today CJ Bacher published his proposed solution


Tyrell Sutton, former Northwestern star Running Back (2005-2008), current CFL football player, and current member of the expansive HuddlePass network of college football alums, took to HuddlePass to voice his opinions on the CAPA case on Evan Sharpley’s podcast “Inside the Huddle”.

On “Inside the Huddle”, Tyrell called Kain a great leader and influencer but said that “the people that (Kain) has to step on in order to make this work, it’s not going to be good.” He went on to say “the reason we do things the way we do now is the result of previous players in those leadership roles, such as CJ Bacher, such as Zach Strief, such as Mark Philmore.”

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