North Carolina Tar Heels: most bipolar tourney resume ever



The head of Roy Williams must be spinning. His North Carolina Tar Heels are bi-polar. Their NCAA Tournament profile is the most multiple personality disorder, schizophrenic and every other psychological-disorder-that-I’m-incorrectly-diagnosing-and-poorly-analogizing that we’ve ever seen in college basketball. The 10-6, 0-3 in the ACC North Carolina Tar Heels are much much better than they sound.

They’re also much worse than they sound too. Let’s look at the North Carolina Tar Heels tournament resume:

RPI: 49, vs top 25: 1-0, vs top 50: 2-1

Key wins: they handed #4 Michigan State (RPI 9) they’re only loss of the season and it came at the Breslin Center, one of the toughest places to play in the whole country. And that game wasn’t even close, the North Carolina Tar Heels were firmly in control the whole time. #13 Kentucky (RPI 18), #18 Louisville (RPI 42)


Bad losses: Belmont (RPI 75), 9-4 UAB (RPI 102), Wake Forest (RPI 65), 9-6 Miami (RPI 76)

Currently, in our latest bracketology we have the North Carolina Tar Heels as a #10 seed in the south facing #7 seed Louisville in a rematch of the game won by the North Carolina Tar Heels just a few weeks ago.

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