New Michael Jordan North Carolina basketball cards: highest value of all time?


The MSN is releasing a new Michael Jordan University of North Carolina Master Collection Set. They claim it will be the highest valued basketball
card set of all time. And of course, we should trust them because they’re not biased at all, right. I mean they’re telling us the truth, correct? No hyperbole here about the Chicago Bulls guard who is in fact the greatest NBA player of all time. No, none at all.

The Upper Deck staff believes individual sets may sell for as much as 5 Gs. And they wouldn’t lie to us, right? I myself have no idea what they’re worth as I stopped collecting sports cards when I was 16. I then moved on to cars and girls.  (Not that I was successful with either endeavor, I just moved on)

The company unveiled the set at the 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit with four hard-signed Michael Jordan autograph cards, one Michael Jordan logo patch card set, one 1982 National Championship ring and one super premium card from Michael Jordan.


“We felt Michael Jordan would be the perfect subject to re-imagine these ultra-premium sets around…We anticipate these sets may bring as
much as $5000 based on how strong Michael Jordan autograph content sells for in the secondary market these days.” said Grant Sandground, director
of product development at Upper Deck.

There is no doubt that anything and everything Michael Jordan is hot right now, and always will be. It’s #23, His Airness, after all. So maybe Upper Deck isn’t totally BSing us. Additionally, there’s the autographed “Letterman” cards that spell out “1982 National Champions,” “Michael Jordan,” and “Tar Heels.” “Historic Duos” cards can also be found that include autographs from Michael Jordan and other college basketball greats.

The North Carolina Tar Heels will play as an #8 seed in the NCAA Tournament versus the Villanova Wildcats tomorrow night. They’ll likely meet the Kansas Jayhawks in the second round.

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