John Calipari gets tossed, skips press conf, has handler tweet instead



Kentucky Wildcats Coach John Calipari was kicked out of UK’s embarrassing loss to lowly South Carolina tonight. The preseason #1 college basketball team, which was surrounded in all that “40-0” preseason b.s. just lost to a 4-12 in conference team.

Now Kentucky is in danger of falling out of the top 25 polls in March! John Calipari was tossed out of the game with his team down 12 and 10:25 left to play. Coach Cal then he decided to skip the post-game press conference to answer for what happened.

Instead of making statement to the media and take questions, John Calipari tweeted out had his handler tweet out some statements that showed some remorse, but definitely did not apologize for actions. Actually he didn’t even come close to apologizing. Instead, this message was sent out by the Kentucky Sports Information Department, statements that matched what his Coach Cal’s press agent put out on Twitter.


Here are some quotes from Coach John Calipari since he was not available for postgame media tonight:

I wish I didn’t get thrown out of the game, so that I could fight with our team.

We have a short turnaround to prepare for Alabama so we have to get back in the gym Sunday and start working on getting better.

Proud of the guys for not giving up but we all have to figure out what do we each have to do to get this team right.

We have to continue to believe in ourselves and each other and I know our fans are fighting with us.


Obviously, since John Calipari was forced out of the game early, he wanted to leave and go back to the hotel/head home early. That’s why he “wasn’t available.” A couple weeks ago, Calipari said on ESPN, when College Gameday came to Lexington, he hired someone to run his Twitter account for him. So although he has that verified official account blue check mark, it’s probably not him making those tweets most of the time. And if they are indeed his thoughts and feelings, they are almost certainly being run through a PR person first.

John Calipari’s own words indicate that.

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  1. Chloe McKee says:

    It Was a good game ,Kentucky was good .

    I do not like that ref !!!!!!?????? I am a kid

    I like Kentucky

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