Ohio State was a big step forward for NIU Huskies


The unranked NIU Huskies played at #1 Ohio State today as if a Power Five Conference expansion committee was watching. Maybe the Big 12 might be making a couple phone calls someday down the line.

Today’s effort was night and day different from last year’s Power 5 road trip disaster. Instead of getting utterly annihilated by a mediocre Arkansas team, Northern Illinois went into Columbus and had Ohio State Buckeyes fans gnawing on their finger nails with three minutes to go.

NIU was down just one possession, with the ball, inside four minutes to go. It may sound very trite to say this, but it’s a moral victory. In situations like this, plucky mid-major versus high-major super-power oligarchs, moral victories do exist.

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Ohio State Buckeyes: circled date on NIU Huskies schedule

Ohio State buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes see your “SEC speed,” and raise the stakes on you. The SEC is essentially the AAA of the NFL, and Ohio State’s roster this upcoming season is essentially a NFL Developmental League franchise. There are first, second and third round picks everywhere; in all position groups.

John Calipari has made Kentucky basketball a de facto NBA D-League franchise. This fall, Urban Meyer will do the same with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Think of Ohio State as a SEC team that just happens to be in a state that wasn’t once part of the Confederacy. The Buckeyes are the new Alabama Crimson Tide.

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Ohio St. and Virginia Tech helmet decals honor WDBJ victims (photos)

ohio state buckeyes youngstown boys

Both Ohio St.and Virginia Tech are doing the right thing Monday night by honoring the two victims slain earlier this week by yet another senseless shooting made possible by lax gun control regulations. The two teams will play Monday night sporting helmet decals in homage to the two WDBJ journalists shot and killed by a mad man who easily obtained a firearm without much of a screening process.

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Cardale Jones released from hospital; “doing fine”


The family and friends of Ohio State Buckeyes QB Cardale Jones had quite a scare last night. He was rushed to the hospital with what was initially described as a migraine, but was later reported as “severe head pain.” It sounded frightening.

The Buckeye nation collectively waited and held their breath.

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Ohio State Buckeyes: first unanimous preseason #1 EVER!


There’s a good reason the Ohio State Buckeyes are everybody’s national title pick; The Big Ten East division is like the NBA Western Conference. The Big Ten West division is like the NBA Eastern Conference, and Ohio State is the class of the East. Right now, the Big Ten is the new SEC.

Making the Ohio State Buckeyes the new Alabama Crimson Tide. That was verified with the preseason Associated Press poll released today.

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Braxton Miller could have Antwaan Randle El type NFL career


When Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller switched positions, many media members portrayed the decision as a selfless act by an individual placing team needs above his own. That’s a half-truth. Miller has no NFL future as a QB. He does have a lot of pro potential as a wide receiver though. So the situation is actually a win-win for Braxton Miller, for both his individual, and his team goals.

Take the case of former Indiana quarterback Antwaan Randle El? Like Miller, he wasn’t tall enough to play quarterback in the NFL, so Randle El moved to receiver where he had a very fine pro career. He especially excelled on special teams. Braxton Miller is dynamic like Randle El, but he has more size.

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10 Ohio State Football Players who might be 1st round picks


Ohio State football players, like the players at any big time college football program are aware of how they rate in the NFL mock drafts. Every player at every school claims they don’t pay attention to the mocks, or read the op-eds, or have basic awareness of their stats, yadda yadda yadda.

Don’t believe that noise for a second. Maybe a lot of players don’t aggressively seek out information about themselves directly, but they have family, friends, hangers-on etc. that do. And that means such publicity is often brought to their attention.

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Joey Bosa #1 overall Draft Pick stock takes a minor hit


Ohio State Defensive End Joey Bosa is the safest and most legitimate NFL prospect playing in the nation right now. Or at least he was, until his suspension for the 2015 season opener was announced Thursday morning. Ohio State made this announcement, giving no reason for the suspension, just hours before Big Ten Media Days began, so naturally, Buckeyes Coach Urban Meyer was drilled about this during his podium session (as he should be).

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Ohio State football players say “shit” and “crap” at Media Day

josh perry

THE Ohio State University football player Josh Perry had THE quote of the day in Chicago for Big Ten Media Days part one yesterday.  Perry was asked about Michigan’s new Head Coach Jim Harbaugh:

“is he the kind of guy that you think can restore this rivalry?”

Perry’s response was probably more clever than most of what the sportswriters in the room could come up with.

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Ohio State favored to win Big Ten East Division


The Big Ten East division is the NBA Western Conference. The Big Ten West division is the NBA Eastern Conference. The Big Ten East is the English Premier League. The Big Ten West is the Championship. The Big Ten East are the New York Yankees. The Big Ten West are the Staten Island Yankees. Well, I’m exaggerating somewhat, especially so on that last one, but you get the idea.

As we’ve been chronicling for the past month or so, the Big Ten has it all in terms of story lines this football talking season, but they failed miserably in terms of who they selected to attend Media Days this Thursday and Friday.

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Ohio State Football: Never Too Early Season Preview

buckeyes-ohio-state football

We could be re-hashing the era of “Big 2, Little 8” in the Big Ten right now. Except this time, it’s a different school from the state of Great Lakes Splendor that is on par with Ohio State football. Michigan State has done much more than just arrived; it’s elite. The Buckeyes are still the class of the league, but the Spartans are the clear cut number two.

So I guess you could call it “Big 2, Little 12.”

Ohio State is so much more than the class of the Big Ten though; the defending national champions are the class of college football. They return just about everybody who’s relevant to a team that won it all.

It’s very easy to be high on the Buckeyes.

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2016 NBA Mock Draft (6/29/15)

NBA-mock-Draft-sacramento kings

Here is The Sports Bank’s extremely early 2016 NBA Mock Draft.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013.

Be sure to check out our 2016 NFL mock draft.

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