Brutally honest B1G Basketball rankings; Bo Ryan supreme overlord

bo-ryan-big ten basketball

As Tom Izzo pointed out Wednesday night in Chicago, Bo Ryan and the Badgers are sitting up top, and then you can flip a coin 2-10 in the Big Ten this season. That’s entirely correct. The Badgers are the class of the league. There’s a whole bunch of teams that are in the NCAA Tourney and NIT mix in (2-10) in the second tier. Then there’s a third tier of teams that won’t be going to the post season.

So enjoy it Bo Ryan, you’re in the penthouse.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ohio St. legend Archie Griffin talks Cincy Bengals


You know how high we are in the Cincinnati Bengals here at this site. Cincy is looking really impressive thus far and we had an exclusive with a former Bengals running back, Archie Griffin, to talk about it. Griffin is an Ohio State Buckeyes legend, and the only man to ever win two Heisman trophies.

I caught up to him Wednesday night at the Hilton Tower in Chicago. Archie was the featured speaker as the Anti Defamation League presented Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany with a lifetime achievement award.

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EXCLUSIVE: OSU legend Archie Griffin talks Crisis at Michigan


Archie Griffin is an Ohio State Buckeyes legend, and the only man to ever win two Heisman trophies.

I caught up to him Wednesday night at the Hilton Tower in Chicago. Archie was the featured speaker as the Anti Defamation League presented Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany with a lifetime achievement award.

With Archie Griffin we talked about the Bengals but also the current crisis going on at the University of Michigan.

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AUDIO: Jim Delany on cultural and racial diversity


Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney received a lifetime achievement award from the Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday night. Delaney was presented the award at a gala at the Hilton Tower on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Ohio State Buckeyes legend Archie Griffin was the guest speaker. Griffin is the only 2 time Heisman winner in history and the first player to ever start in four Rose Bowls.

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Noah Spence fails drug test again; Ohio St extends suspension


THE Ohio State Buckeyes got the weekly “release your bad press on Friday at 5pm” party started this week, sending out a statement around 4:40 EST that defensive end Noah Spence was suspended again. They gave us spin and corporatespeak instead of the actual reason for the suspension, but it’s being widely reported that Spence once again failed a drug test.

We don’t know what substance it was this time, but he did test positive for ecstasy the week before the Big Ten Championship game.

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Best tweets hilariously slamming Big ten football last night


Was it the worst day in Big 10 football history yesterday? Perhaps.

Was it the worst day in the history of Big Ten football from a national perception/brand damage stand point? Absolutely. No doubt it was nothing short of catastrophic. I did a cover story for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition previewing and predicting this season in August. (link here) I also listed the biggest story-lines. I did not have “Big Ten football will resemble a bunch of mediocre mid-majors by week two” as one one of them.

If you don’t turn on the Big Ten Network again until basketball season, no one would blame you. Well, it’s worth it to see Teddy Greenstein do his work (Dave Revsine and Gerry Di Nardo are very talented too), but non Tedward reasons to watch BTN are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that this league’s broadcast arm of its Sports Information Department exists. Because now you can see games that would otherwise never be televised.

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Ohio State Buckeyes show plenty of vulnerability vs. Navy

The Ohio State Buckeyes opened their 2014 regular season against the Navy Midshipmen in Baltimore, MD.

The game pitted the Buckeyes, who lost star quarterback and Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller for the season with a shoulder injury, against the Middies triple-option offensive attack, an offensive scheme that is difficult to plan for and play against as they are the only major college football program that employs the system.

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Braxton Miller OUT FOR SEASON. Sorry, Ohio St. fans

braxton miller

(Update: how does the Braxton Miller situation affect the entire scope of the Big Ten? How does this affect the conference and local ambitions of Michigan State? Where do the Buckeyes go from here?

All these questions and more are answered below, as I was on conference call today with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler, and they gave their take on it. Scroll down for the podcast. I’ll have the transcript posted later this afternoon.

So today this happened early in the morning:

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UPDATE: Braxton Miller dislocates throwing shoulder, MRI today


Two-time Big Ten offensive player of the year, quarterback Braxton Miller, re-injured his throwing shoulder in practice on Monday. He might miss the entire season. Seriously, he could really miss the whole year, a dislocated shoulder (we’ll know more after the MRI) is nothing to mess with.

So to Buckeyes fans, quoting fictional Springfield newsman Kent Brockman:

“is this the time to panic, start cracking open each other’s heads and feast on the goo inside? I would say yes, Kent.”

Ohio State officials declined to confirm Miller was hurt or speak to the severity of the injury. They even cancelled all media availability for the day to this situation. But said they would provide more information later in the day when they have more info. Here’s what we know so far.

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Is Ohio St. being straight with us on the health of Braxton Miller?


Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is probably the most decorated player of Big Ten Media Day the past few years. Despite the fact that he is yet to win a Big Ten title. He gets a lot of love from the local media, who do nothing but toss him softball questions. To be fair, I have heard one reporter jokingly say to him at a media day: “only 20 more minutes of torture,” denoting the time remaining in the press conference session.

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THEE! Ohio State football program summed up in Tweet


You’ll see a lot of college football tweets this preseason, but none will be as good or as funny as this one from Reddit College football.

In lampooning THE or should I say THEEEEE! Ohio State football program, they hit pretty much every joke you would expect in just one Twitpic of a fake a Ohio State football meetings agenda.

Even if you’re a Buckeyes fan, you still have to laugh at this because it’s brilliant.

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Ohio St DL Michael Bennett: yet another Michael Bennett football star


Just in case you needed another Michael Bennett football star in your life, now you have one. I’m getting tired trying to keep my Michael Bennett (s) straight. First you had the Wisconsin Badgers tailback and track star who went on to play some running back for the Minnesota Vikings.

You also have Michael Bennett the star defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks who gave us the famous “there is no hometown discount, this is not CostCo!” soundbite.

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