PETA sends letter to Atlanta Falcons regarding Prince Shembo


Prince Shembo should have never been drafted by any NFL team. You knew who he is and what he was during his college football days at Notre Dame. Even before he got to South Bend, the warning signs were there with Prince Shembo. The Atlanta Falcons selected him anyway and now they’re paying the price for it.  It remains to be seen if anyone else will take on Shembo at this point.

Hopefully, no one does. What makes this sad, tragic situation even worse is that it’s the Atlanta Falcons involved. Out of all 32 NFL teams, they know most of all about employing a dog killing player.

Michael Vick has kept himself clean these past few years, but let’s not forget what he did.

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Deion Sanders Takes Community Rebuilding Prime Time


NFL Network Analyst Deion Sanders has undergone a remarkable journey during his incredible life. He’s a great example of the American Horatio Alger success story. When he first thrust himself into the national consciousness, he embodied materialism. When his professional playing career started, the NFL Hall of Famer used to sign his name “Deion $anders.”

In 1994, he even recorded a rap album where the main track was entitled “Must be the Money.”

Twenty years later, “Neon Deion” or “Prime Time,” is now helping America’s downtrodden to find their socioeconomic footing. Last month, Deion Sanders hosted a screening of Opportunity LivesComeback series in Dallas. (where he won a Super Bowl with the Cowboys in 1995).


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VIDEO: Buffalo Bills CB bowls a strike without looking


Buffalo Bills Cornerback Ron Brooks bowled a strike without even looking. It’s a very interesting and unorthodox form he’s got here. But hey, go with whatever works right? It’s kind of a long-snapping, “granny shot” in basketball hybrid thing going on.

In the video below you can also see the cool bowling shirts that Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan got for his team. Because hey, who doesn’t love a good bowling shirt.

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NFL Draft 2015 – Winners and Losers 1

There’s always going to be winners and losers at the NFL draft, and the same was this year too. After three days of round picking, it’s time to review who got what and whether the teams picked what they really needed. Surely the winners are those teams that went for players that fit best in their schemes, but also players whose character is best for the locker room atmosphere. Most of all, these players are required to show their best from Day 1 if they are going to justify the hype behind them, which makes drafting a risky business.

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Chris Christie ran up a $82,500 concession bill at NY Jets games


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reportedly bought over $82, 594 worth of concessions at Met Life Stadium during the 2010 and 2011 NFL seasons. Yes back during Christie’s salad days of, oh, whom are kidding Chris Christie has never had any salad days.

He’s had plenty of cheeseburger, pizza and hot dog days though.

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2016 NFL mock draft 5-7-15


In this 2016 NFL mock draft, the order is randomized. When new, legitimate 2015 NFL power rankings are released, we’ll revise our order accordingly. The 2015 Draft and team needs were loosely taken into account. Remember, team needs will change about ten zillion times between now and the 2016 draft.

Also, I remember, I BEAT BOTH Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN and Mike Mayock of NFL Network in my 2015 mock. Never forget that!

Also, be sure to check out our 2015 NBA mock draft and 2016 NBA mock draft.

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Chip Kelly’s draft wasn’t zany, wild or kooky at all

ibraheim campbell chip kelly 2015 nfl mock draft

Heading into this year’s NFL draft, we all heard incessantly about how Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly was the “wild card.” He was going to do something unpredictable and crazy. Kelly kookiness was in store as he pull some off nutty professor trade that would throw the whole thing off.

Well, it never happened. Chip Kelly, whether he truly is the Doc Brown of the NFL or not, wasn’t able to close a deal that allowed me to trade up and grab Marcus Mariota. In regards to Kelly being so unpredictable, well, I got his pick right in my NFL mock draft.

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QB Trevor Siemian: what he brings to Denver Broncos’ table


Before he suffered his “lower body injury” in 2013, the newest member of the Denver Broncos, former Northwestern QB  Trevor Siemian ,was the best pure passer in the Big Ten. That’s not hyperbole. The Big Ten is a tailback driven league, and most of the QBs are dual threat, read-option guys. The state of the QB position is not what it once was, so it’s not a stretch to say that.

Siemian is the best straight up drop back passer the league has seen the passed couple of years (especially after Penn State signal caller Christian Hackenberg regressed so much last year).

Think back to the Trevor Siemian before his ankle/foot etc slowed him down, and his accuracy and efficiency declined.

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VIDEO: NFL Draft Town goers praise fake NFL prospects

nfl draft town

For the first time ever, the third day of the NFL Draft will be held outdoors. This also the first Draft with an accompanying fan festival, the likes of which we’ve only previously seen at Super Bowls. The NFL Draft Town festival attracted thousands of football fans, some of which are lacking in football acumen. As the Draft grows in popularity, more bandwagon fans jump on board.

So we had some fun at their expense. We created some fake prospect names from anagrams and composed some fictional profiles to go with those names. We tried to include as many Draft analyst cliches as possible.

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Should the Oakland Raiders go Williams or Cooper?


As it’s NFL Draft Eve, we’ll soon get our answers. Some might say #4, where the Oakland Raiders pick, is where this Draft actually starts. We know Jameis Winston is locked in at #1, Marcus Mariota at #2, and most people seem to believe Dante Fowler will stay at home at get picked by Jacksonville at #3.

There’s a chance Fowler will be there for the Raiders at #4, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It’s okay that, because Oaktown seemingly can’t lose with Amari Cooper or Leonard Williams. The former was the best player in the best conference in college football last year. The latter is the best overall player available in this draft.

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How To Build up Your Bankroll with Football Betting

nfl draft town

Considered to be the king of NFL sports betting over the last decade, Jon Price from Sports Information Traders is on top of the leaderboard with a 64% overall winning percentage since 2009. Not only does he win consistently but he wins BIG. Jon is one of the few sports handicappers in the industry today that believes in his picks and information enough that he routinely bets on his own picks on a daily basis. In fact, Jon has won over $12.5 million in the NFL alone since 2013. That includes a $1.5 million bet on this year’s recent Super Bowl. That’s a man that stands behind his product.

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Chip Kelly will shred all NFL mock draft picks to pieces


Chip Kelly is a special NFL creature unlike any other that we currently have. As much of a schematic genius as he is, we’ve seen his kind before. Said the legendary Al Michaels about Chip Kelly:

“I was thinking about Chip Kelly recently and just going back in recent history in the NFL, Bill Walsh had been an assistant, goes to Stanford, comes in with San Francisco and really changes a lot of things.

“And then in the ’90s when Mike Shanahan took over in Denver, won the two Super Bowls and he’s being called a mastermind.  And then Mike Martz takes over in St. Louis with Dick Vermeil and he’s kind of a mad scientist.”

“These guys come in, I mean it comes and it goes, but I see Kelly as maybe the next guy down the line here who is going to change a bunch of things and make it very, very interesting.”

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