Donald Trump “analogies” in media must end


“History is not was, it is” legendary American author William Faulkner once said. In today’s news cycle what happened on Thursday night is now ancient history on Tuesday morning. Yet we learned Thursday night during the GOP debate exactly what it will take to finally get rid of Donald Trump.

Ann Coulter’s anti-Semitic Tweet stole all the attention away from the debate and it got people talking about something other than Trump.

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Cardinals RB Chris Johnson’s life was saved by fluke timing

chris johnson

Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson signed a contract extension with $30 million guaranteed in 2011 when he was with the Tennessee Titans. Whether you have 30 million dollars or 30 cents, it doesn’t matter one iota when a gun is fired directly at you. You have to read this frightening tale of how the smallest details in life and their coincidental timing can be a matter of life and death.

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Cowboys will miss both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant for 10 weeks


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered a shattered collarbone today. His fractured left clavicle will undergo a CT scan tomorrow and we’ll have more confirmed details once the findings are announced. Preliminary estimates, via ESPN SportsCenter, say 10-12 weeks.

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Daily Fantasy Sports: OBNOXIOUS, Quasi-illegal, but we don’t stop


Daily fantasy football is the ear worm you’re willing to bore into your skull to remove. It’s Taylor Swift, bad blood and all. It’s Game of War without Kate Upton’s boobs.

Ubiquitous? Most definitely. Insidious? Jury’s sequestered for the time being. The court of public opinion seems to have reached a verdict though.

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When does the NFL just explode from its gluttony?


You think Roger Goddell knows the meaning of life?

Well, if said meaning involves the accumulation of F-you money for oneself and even fatter stacks of cash for those at whose behest you serve, then I’d say he’s got it down pat.

Given the gluttonous nature of the NFL, we might as well call the commish Mr. Creosote. As the mouthpiece of a group of owners who now preside over the most powerful sports league in the country, he’s getting both credit and blame (mostly blame) for everything that’s going right and wrong (mostly wrong) with it these days.

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Twitter hash tags for all 32 NFL teams #NFLGameDay

nfl draft town 2016 nfl mock draft

Here it is; the primary and secondary social media hash tags for all 32 NFL teams. Happy NFL kickoff. This comes to us via a social engagement company called Postano, You have the official hash tag for each NFL team, as well as the most used hash tag for each NFL team.


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NFL team in Los Angeles is “inevitable,” says Jon Gruden’s sources

jon gruden chicago bears
As we reported on Saturday, some of the most visible NFL media personalities are stating publicly that a team moving to Los Angeles is a near certainty. It could happen by 2016, but most likely the deal gets done in 2017. Whether it’s the St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders or the San Diego Chargers, is a question that still needs to be answered.

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2016 NFL mock draft 9-9-15


In this 2016 NFL mock draft, the order is randomized. When new, legitimate 2015 NFL power rankings are released, we’ll revise our order accordingly. The 2015 Draft and team needs were loosely taken into account. Remember, team needs will change about ten zillion times between now and the 2016 draft.

Also, I remember, I beat Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN and Mike Mayock of NFL Network in my 2015 mock. 

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Re: Patriots, Goodell: Just sub “NFL” for “TV” in Howard Beale’s “Network” rant

new england patriots

There’s nothing left to say regarding the “integrity” of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL itself and the New England Patriots. Everybody is talking about this today on every channel, and this time, they’re right. As much as the DeflateGate hullabaloo was much ado about nothing, the ESPN report breaking today is extremely relevant, to all of us.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Ads are inescapable during NFL programming


Sports is perhaps the most “DVR proof” type of programming there is. You can’t skip the commercials during live sports, because you want to live in the moment with everybody else who’s a fan of your team. Therefore, the ads that run during sporting events have a much greater impact and reach than the promotional spots which air during taped programming.

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Trevor Siemian is your Denver Broncos’ QB3


Before he suffered his “lower body injury” in 2013, the newest member of the Denver Broncos, former Northwestern QB  Trevor Siemian, was the best pure passer in the Big Ten. That’s not hyperbole. The 2013-14 Big Ten was a tailback driven league, and most of the QBs were dual threat, read-option guys. The state of the QB position is not what it once was, so it’s not a stretch to say that.

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London Fletcher is the best NFL pundit out there


Today’s sports media talking heads are getting increasingly vanilla. Sure you have a Charles Barkley here and an Alexi Lalas there, but the majority of big time national television network pundits are often dry. Every team is great. Every player is “among the best in the game.” Monday Night Football’s Jon Gruden takes the most heat for embodying this stereotype, but there are plenty more in this vein.

This landscape makes the excellent, irreverent work of CBS’ London Fletcher stand out even more. He’s not afraid to be an iconoclast, and his strong opinions are backed up with facts.

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