Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Traded to New York Yankees


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been traded to the New York Yankees.

No, that’s not a typo, and yes, you read that correctly, and no there has not been a new rule implemented allowing the NFL to trade with the MLB. Wilson, in Major League Baseball, was originally drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round in 2010.

He was then acquired by the Texas Rangers in the minor league phase of the 2013 Rule 5 Draft.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft 2-6-18


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Team needs were somewhat taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft, at least as much as we could at this point. It’s still very early for a 2018 mock draft right now, and team needs will not be fully accounted for until AFTER NFL free agency ends.

For our NBA mock draft go here. With only 32 picks to go around, yes, there will be a guy or two that you feel very strongly should be a first rounder, but got left out. Sorry, but it’s inevitable.

Also, many of you will strongly disagree with the projections here, and with the write-ups, but try to be respectful about it in the comments section.

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USC, Lions Legend Rodney Peete Talks Kitten Bowl, New Reality Show (Exclusive)

rodney peete

USC Trojans and Detroit Lions legend Rodney Peete (@RodneyPeete9 on Twitter) is one of three celebrities doing color commentary for Kitten Bowl V tomorrow. The co-host of Roggin and Rodney (@rogginandrodney) on AM 570 Los Angeles (@AM570LASports), M-F noon-2, once played for the Philadephia Eagles, and his wife, actress Holly Robinson Peete, is from Philly, so the Peetes will be pulling for Eagles in Super Bowl 52.

Rodney Peete was gracious enough to grant us an exclusive interview ahead of the Kitten Bowl, and in addition to that event, we talked several other topics including his new reality show premiering on Hallmark Channel, his Chicago Bears family connections, the battles against the Michigan State Spartans and UCLA Bruins during his USC days and much much more.

kitten bowl v

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Kitten Bowl V Preview: Rodney Peete, Dean Cain to Do Color Commentary

kitten bowl

You’ve already seen a zillion Super Bowl LII preview stories, and you’ll see a zillion more between now and Sunday. How many Kitten Bowl preview articles have you come across though? Well, I hope there will eventually will be a lot of them because Kitten Bowl is about a cause that is as noble as it gets- adopting shelter pets.

Kitten Bowl V is part of Hallmark Channel’s Adoption Ever After pet initiative, spotlighting the plight of homeless animals and the joy that the adopted pets bring into the forever homes.

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Root Against Roger Goodell and the NFL; Root for the Patriots

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

In recent years, we’ve seen NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mercilessly booed every single time he comes to the podium on NFL Draft night. Every bit of that booing and more is deserved, as he’s truly engaged in some deplorable acts in recent years.

Like our current President, Goodell was born on third base and thought he hit a triple, a self-defining trait that no doubt feeds the narcissism, solipsism and egocentrism in each man. Goodell is a U.S. Senator’s son who has failed upwards in life, and taken a product that was almost transcendent in its quality during the 1990s and early 2000s, and degenerated it into nearly unwatchable rubbish today.

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Four Key Sports Betting Trends For Super Bowl LII

By Kent Tukeli

Super Bowl LII is one of the most anticipated sports betting events in the recent history of the big game. Early returns show a 30% increase in the first 24 hours of wagering compared to last year, driven by the underdog accomplishments of the Philadelphia Eagles. The run up to Super Bowl LII reveals vital, unexpected trends which have influenced the numbers offered by sportsbooks as February 4th nears.

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Otis Wilson to Donate Brain to CTE Research, Joins Coalition

otis wilson

A revelation from Chicago Bears legend Otis Wilson was the biggest newsmaker this morning during a press conference held at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago. The news conference featured State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) and advocates introducing new legislation aimed at reducing head injuries in football.

The new legislation, House Bill 4341, is named after Wilson’s former teammate on the Super Bowl XX winning Chicago Bears, Dave Duerson. The Dave Duerson Act to Prevent CTE, which would end tackle football for children under age 12 in Illinois, now goes before the Illinois General Assembly at the start of the 2018 legislative session.

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Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs Eagles Odds, Prop Bets Guide

super bowl lii

The Super Bowl LII match-up is set and once again it includes the New England Patriots, who have become the National Football League’s Hulk Hogan of sorts. If you watched/followed WWE in the late 1980s-early 1990s, it was called WWF back then, then you remember Hulk Hogan being the guy that seemingly always won, despite how much it seemed that he was going to lose the whole time.

The Patriots certainly have that sort of feel these days, especially so in yesterday’s AFC Championship win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and last year’s Super Bowl triumph over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Forecasting the NFL Pro Bowl as Patriots, Eagles Players Replaced

pro bowl

Now that we know for certain that it will be the New England Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, the Pro Bowl rosters have also been updated. All the members of the Eagles and Patriots who were honored with a Pro Bowl selection must now withdraw from the exhibition game, as they have a much more important business trip to Minnesota to prepare for.

The original Pro Bowl rosters were announced on December 20, but since then we’ve learned that several players won’t be able to participate. Now that we’re in the home stretch, and we know who’s in and who’s out, it’s time to preview and handicap the NFL All-Star game which commences at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida this Sunday 1/28 at 3PM eastern.

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Five Reasons the Jacksonville Jaguars Could Beat the New England Patriots


By John O’Leary

As the NFL season slowly approaches Super Bowl 52, it’s become quite clear that not much has changed since last year. Not at the top, at least.

The scenery in the playoffs is certainly different. Three teams that didn’t crack the playoffs a year ago – the Eagles, Vikings and Jaguars – are all competing for a chance to get to the league’s finale.

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Five LSU Tigers NFL Draft Prospects to watch in the Citrus Bowl

Consistently one of the top college football powerhouses in the country every year, the LSU Tigers send several talented athletes to the NFL each April. The 2018 draft (full mock available at this link) looks to be no different, as a number of Louisiana State prospects are projected to be taken by an NFL team in the first three rounds.

Here’s a quick look at your top five LSU Tigers projected to go pro this spring. Keep an eye on them in the Citrus Bowl today versus Notre Dame (full game preview available at this link).

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What Four Legendary Old School Football Players Do These Days

archie griffin

By John O’Leary

When our favorite old-school football players left the field for the last time, some dropped out of the spotlight, choosing to lead quieter lives. Others do everything that they can to stay in front of the camera, seeking careers in entertainment, either acting or becoming a sports commentator. Still more get their moments in the spotlight in negative ways, such as felons on the evening news.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to your favorite players after retirement, keep reading to learn about four famous former players and the lives that they lead now.

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