Reggie Wayne reveals what “OMAHA!” actually means


Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne had many fruitful years with Peyton Manning. From an on the field perspective, Wayne knows Manning about as well as anybody.

Appearing on the NFL Network’s Sunday morning preview show NFL Gameday Morning, Reggie Wayne provides some insight into what “Omaha” means.

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Jim Nantz has a mind blowing Super Bowl 50 factoid


Hello friends.

Jim Nantz, who will call the big game Sunday, offered this MVP race insight:

“As the game gets broken down a million different ways, and every possible conceivable story angle has been written before the kickoff, I want to be the first to say that if Star Lotulelei ends up the MVP, then the Super Bowl will have officially come full circle in 50 years. From (Super Bowl I MVP) Bart Starr to Star Lotulelei.”

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Super Bowl peaked in 1991 with Buffalo Bills, Whitney Houston


Grandpa Abe Simpson may have hacked my website and penned the essay that follows. Or at least it might read that way. The Buffalo Bills went to four straight Super Bowls and lost all four in the 1990s, but man did they give us the best Super Bowl of all time. Like Tom Petty said, “even the losers- get lucky sometimes.”

Obviously, they never did but sometimes history is better when it’s written be the losers. It wasn’t just the Buffalo Bills who made that Super Bowl so special.

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Nine most overkilled Super Bowl 50 Storylines

favre-peyton-manning denver broncos season preview

The worst thing the Super Bowl ever did was add that “harrowing bye week, which no one enjoys.”

Seriously, the extraneous bye week is more outdated than All-Star Games. Because now every story line that will be beaten to death in the prelude to the big game gets double the over-promotion. It’s too bad they don’t give you any sports betting tips, at all during the incessant information overload. Those would be useful at least.

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Five Reasons to bet on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50


When it comes to reasons why the Denver Broncos could win Super Bowl 50, various online betting sites believe the age-old adage ‘defense wins championships’ is first and foremost.

 However, that’s not the only reason why Peyton Manning and company could bag this season’s league title. Here are five reasons why you should bet on the Broncos to pull off the Super Bowl 50 upset.
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Philadelphia Eagles coaching hire ranked worst of the year


The Philadelphia Eagles completed their coaching search over the weekend, and the early returns are…pretty bad. It’s not something I think Philadelphia Eagles fans took very well; stable and reasonable lot that they are. According to rankings by ESPNPederson’s hire was the worst hire of a head coach to this point.

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Pittsburgh Steelers vs Denver Broncos playoff memories Part 2


Earlier this week, in anticipation of their divisional round clash this Sunday, we profiled four of the seven playoff games previously played between AFC rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos.

Today we will relive their three other playoff matchups, from two of which the eventual Super Bowl champion emerged.

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Pittsburgh Steelers vs Denver Broncos playoff memories Part 1


The Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers meet for the eighth time in the NFL postseason this Sunday.  In five of the previous seven playoff battles, the winner moved on to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, and on three occasions, the winner claimed the Lombardi Trophy.  In preparation for Sunday’s divisional round matchup, we will revisit four of their clashes today followed by three more later this week.

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Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks Preview, Prediction


If you saw the Seattle Seahawks prevail over the Minnesota Vikings in the wild card round, thanks to a missed Blair Walsh field goal, then you, plus all the major online betting sites, might be tempted to think that the Seahawks are in for a long day when they take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in the divisional round.

When the game kicks off at 1:05 pm Eastern time, though, this will be just as closely fought a game from beginning to end. Let’s take a closer look at the  match-up.

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Bill Cowher addresses New York Giants coaching rumors


Ever since Bill Cowher left coaching in 2006, he’s been linked to open NFL jobs every carousel. It makes sense that his name keeps popping up because he’s only 58, and still has potentially a lot of good years on the sideline left in him, if he so desires.

When he walked away in 2006, he was just 48 years old, but he had already won two AFC titles and a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Has Lane Kiffin restored his tarnished reputation?


Lane Kiffin polarizes.

Period. Point Blank.

The internet obviously has a creepy obsession with his wife Layla Kiffin, but we’ve already discussed that enough in posts prior. Layla Kiffin is SEO gold and Lane Kiffin is probably SEO silver because calling him a polarizing figure is an understatement.

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Chip Kelly wants to stay in the NFL, not return to college


Sorry Thornton Mellon (Rodney Dangerfield), but Chip Kelly is not interested in going “Back to School.” He’s apparently graduated beyond a return to the “amateur” ranks and wants to stay at the pro level. To do that, he’ll no doubt have to adopt a more decentralized power structure within his next regime.

Kelly was about as right-wing as a pharaoh in Philly, and he’ll have to be more democratic in his next gig.

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