Chicago Bears players as Thanksgiving Dinner items

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears head to Detroit for a late Thanksgiving morning tilt against the Lions. For the sake of all involved (fans, players, coaching staff), the game should end before most eat their turkey, stuffing and other traditional Turkey Day dishes. No need to ruin the appetites of those choosing to watch the fools’ gold that is the Chicago Bears.

In an attempt to have a light-hearted look at a bad Bears team, why not compare players to some of the food that will be served on Thanksgiving? This will be fun; or a complete dumpster fire, which is how most forecasted the Bears’ season back in August. Remember, there was no in between.

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Will Washington and Jay Gruden part ways in the offseason?


Lots of conflict and turmoil in Washington right now; and we’re not just talking about the acrimony between the legislative and executive branches of government. Will Jay Gruden return to coach the team next year? It appears that Robert Griffin III is on his way out, (as we’ve chronicled). So what about Gruden? The NFL punditocracy speaks.

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Robert Griffin III: his days are numbered in Washington

Robert Griffin III-washington-redskins-rg3

Robert Griffin III is probably done in D.C. Yes, the RG3 era in Washington seems to be coming to a close come the end of the season. All the NFL experts and pundits are piling on with this opinion, take a look.

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Melvin Gordon to Seattle Seahawks idea gains more validity

melvin gordon

Within a week, a record belonging to Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon was gone.

Oklahoma’s Samaje Perine, with 427 yards rushing against a Kansas team that has packed it in for the season. (Actually, I’m not sure KU even really tried that hard at the beginning of 2014). Gordon held the single-game FBS rushing record for seven days. However, he has something Perine does not- a near certain invitation to the downtown athletic club in New York City.

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2015 NFL Mock Draft 11-25-14


It’s 2015 NFL mock draft time! As we move closer towards December, fans of more NFL teams will look towards the future as the present becomes increasingly meaningless. Once your team has nothing left to play for this regular season, why not focus on a 2015 NFL mock draft? This is the first mock in which team needs will be taken into account for all 32 teams, go here to see our old 2015 NFL mock draft.

The draft order was based off the last NFL Draft order update from CBS We have feature stories on most of the prospects, so click on on their name where highlighted for more detail on that player.

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PSU QB Christian Hackenberg: high NFL Draft stock, poor stats

Christian Hackenberg

In just two years at Penn State, so much has been said about starting Quarterback Christian Hackenberg. The reigning Big Ten freshman of the year has been hyped up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s also been hit with the “overrated” label. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. extolled his virtues as a future professional signal caller.

Kirk Herbstreit sees the NFL in his future as well. 

As this 19 year old kid from rural Virginia fulfills his lifelong dream of being the Nittany Lions QB1, he’s enduring the slings and arrows that come with being in such a high profile position. The team’s record and statistics show a regression, not just with Hack, but the whole team. Hackenberg’s tangibles and skill sets remain steady. Perhaps he’s developing them further. However, everything else around him is like his production; in dramatic decline.

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Top Five Michigan football Coaching candidates

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-michigan-football

The Florida Gators will lead the coaching carousel this silly season, but the Michigan football head coaching job will likely be next. Then Illinois, Kansas and Virginia will battle for third choice. (Indiana will be next after them).

Basically, Brady Hoke can’t be fired until after the new year, because of financial concerns. They could likely fire him on January 1, 2015, but it probably won’t be before then. According to Hoke’s contract, signed on March 28, 2011, he will be owed $2 million to buy out the remaining two years (2015, 2016) left on his contract. The second to last year of his deal begins on January 1. Firing him at any time in 2014 would cost that $2 million, plus the buyout amount.

Still the Michigan football program can just do all of this back-channel. And they likely will. So Wolverines supporters should be ready for a new regime.

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Jets vs. Bills could be played in Detroit, Toronto or New Jersey


There’s a lot of snow at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, and the winter weather is expected to get much worse in the coming days. As reports indicate, most of Buffalo is under more than six feet of snow, so according to a recent announcement, if Jets and Bills can’t play in Buffalo on Sunday, Week 12 game could be moved to Detroit, Toronto or New Jersey.

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Peyton Manning will likely play one more year, not two

favre-peyton-manning denver broncos season preview

The Denver Broncos shocking upset loss to the St. Louis Rams this past weekend reminded us all that the championship window is closing soon for Peyton Manning and company. It’s time to start thinking about Manning’s future, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network gave us a report on that very topic. “Broncos people expect Peyton Manning to play at least one more season,” Rapoport said.

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Oakland Raiders more likely for Jim Harbaugh than Michigan

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-ian-rapoport

Jim Harbaugh to the Michigan Wolverines next year? Not so fast. It turns out the Oakland Raiders could actually be the landing spot for the man forever in pleated discount khakis. There are sports books taking bets on where Jim Harbaugh will coach next season. (Here are the latest odds). Also, the Bob Stoops to Michigan rumors are starting to gain more momentum. (Here’s the latest on that)

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Seahawks looking at drafting Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon

melvin gordon

Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks are parting ways; that’s the conventional wisdom. The Hawks will need to find his replacement and the draft could be the place to do it. Seattle could likely end up drafting a lot higher up than previously thought. This draft class is a great one for running backs, and Todd Gurley might not be in play now. With the torn ACL, Gurley could be best served returning to Georgia for his senior season.

That leaves Melvin Gordon all alone as the top amateur back in the country.

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Marshawn Lynch definitely leaving the Seahawks after the season


So much comes to mind when doing free association exercises with star running back Marshawn Lynch.

Skittles. Beast Mode. Media Day Silence. Super Bowl Champion. Seattle Seahawks.

Well, scratch that last one.

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