CBS’ Jenny Dell moves from NFL to College Football


Last season, CBS Sports’ number two NFL team was Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, and Jenny Dell. (The first string was Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson) This season, Jenny Dell will partner with Carter Blackburn and Aaron Taylor to form CBS’ lead college football announcer team.


You can look at it as a step up as Dell moves from the second string to the first string now. That’s one way of looking at it.

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Jaguars legend Maurice Jones-Drew joins NFL Network

Maurice Jones-Drew is inarguably the greatest running back in the brief history of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jones-Drew retired this past March after nine seasons in the NFL. In eight years with the Jags and then spending last season with the Oakland Raiders he compiled career totals of 8,167 rushing yards and 81 total touchdowns.

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Carolina Panthers season preview with NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon (exclusive podcast)


NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon loves his football and his fantasy football. Ty plays in a football league with his brother Austin Dillon, some of their friends and staff at Richard Childress Racing, the draft is usually hosted in late August at Austin’s barn. Ty Dillon is well known and quite accomplished in the NASCAR truck series and Xfinity series. He’s currently in the top three in the points standings and just came off another top five finish in Iowa this past weekend.

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Daniel Snyder COMPLETELY DESTROYED by The Daily Show


As we bid #JonVoyage tonight, we take a look back at some of the greatest sports moments he’s had on The Daily Show over the years. With Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Letterman and The Newsroom, I just have to ask the so-called establishment “Why must you take EVERY show that us wonkish media nerds LOVE this year?

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2016 NFL mock draft 7-23-15


In this 2016 NFL mock draft, the order is randomized. When new, legitimate 2015 NFL power rankings are released, we’ll revise our order accordingly. The 2015 Draft and team needs were loosely taken into account. Remember, team needs will change about ten zillion times between now and the 2016 draft.

Also, I remember, I BEAT BOTH Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN and Mike Mayock of NFL Network in my 2015 mock. Never forget that!

Also, be sure to check out our 2015 NBA mock draft and 2016 NBA mock draft.

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Jason Pierre-Paul Fireworks Accident May Cost Him a Massive Payday


We’re still months away from the start of the new NFL season but already there are plenty of talking points with regards to America’s most popular league. One story that is captivating the nation right now is the circus surrounding New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

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Our six most popular NFL stories ever: Happy 4th!


Happy Independence day everybody! Baseball has the nickname “the national past time,” but that moniker was bestowed upon the sport a very long time ago. That designation is very outdated, as the NFL is truly king in America. As the great Bob Costas said, at a time when everything is in niches, the NFL cuts across all demographics.

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Bo Jackson evokes Taylor Swift while opining on Cam Newton


“I don’t watch baseball,” Bo Jackson said when I asked him his thoughts on the 2015 Chicago White Sox.

Naturally, I followed up by asking him if he watches football.

“I don’t watch football, that’s like you going home, grabbing a beer and watching Ted Koppel.

“You don’t do that, do you?”

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PETA sends letter to Atlanta Falcons regarding Prince Shembo


Prince Shembo should have never been drafted by any NFL team. You knew who he is and what he was during his college football days at Notre Dame. Even before he got to South Bend, the warning signs were there with Prince Shembo. The Atlanta Falcons selected him anyway and now they’re paying the price for it.  It remains to be seen if anyone else will take on Shembo at this point.

Hopefully, no one does. What makes this sad, tragic situation even worse is that it’s the Atlanta Falcons involved. Out of all 32 NFL teams, they know most of all about employing a dog killing player.

Michael Vick has kept himself clean these past few years, but let’s not forget what he did.

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Deion Sanders Takes Community Rebuilding Prime Time


NFL Network Analyst Deion Sanders has undergone a remarkable journey during his incredible life. He’s a great example of the American Horatio Alger success story. When he first thrust himself into the national consciousness, he embodied materialism. When his professional playing career started, the NFL Hall of Famer used to sign his name “Deion $anders.”

In 1994, he even recorded a rap album where the main track was entitled “Must be the Money.”

Twenty years later, “Neon Deion” or “Prime Time,” is now helping America’s downtrodden to find their socioeconomic footing. Last month, Deion Sanders hosted a screening of Opportunity LivesComeback series in Dallas. (where he won a Super Bowl with the Cowboys in 1995).


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VIDEO: Buffalo Bills CB bowls a strike without looking


Buffalo Bills Cornerback Ron Brooks bowled a strike without even looking. It’s a very interesting and unorthodox form he’s got here. But hey, go with whatever works right? It’s kind of a long-snapping, “granny shot” in basketball hybrid thing going on.

In the video below you can also see the cool bowling shirts that Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan got for his team. Because hey, who doesn’t love a good bowling shirt.

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NFL Draft 2015 – Winners and Losers 1

There’s always going to be winners and losers at the NFL draft, and the same was this year too. After three days of round picking, it’s time to review who got what and whether the teams picked what they really needed. Surely the winners are those teams that went for players that fit best in their schemes, but also players whose character is best for the locker room atmosphere. Most of all, these players are required to show their best from Day 1 if they are going to justify the hype behind them, which makes drafting a risky business.

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