Titans, Browns Will Participate in ‘My Cause My Cleats’


The ‘My Cause My Cleats’ weekend provides a unique opportunity for teams to make a statement about the causes they care about.

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2017 NFL mock draft 12-7-16


In our 2017 NFL mock draft, we based the order on the actual current order as of Monday morning November 28th, with some good help from our friends at NFL Trade Rumors.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, as team needs are a very fluid situation.

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J.J., Derek and T.J. Watt: Wisconsin Football Surpass Duke Hoops’ Plumlees

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Why Do LSU Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL? Josh Booty Explains


Editor’s note: this feature on Josh Booty and LSU quarterbacks is by guest contributor Crissy Froyd

Over the years, LSU has produced some incredible athletes who have achieved exceptional NFL careers.

However, there’s one particular position the Tigers have always struggled with- quarterback. After all, it’s been 43 years since Bert Jones, the last LSU QB to truly have a successful career in the NFL, was drafted into the league in 1973.

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Tomi Lahren DESTROYED by Trevor Noah in Kaepernick Debate (Video)


Tomi Lahren, an alt-right talk show host and self-described ’22-year-old girl with a boys name, a deep love of country and the courage to say something’ was the featured guest on the Daily Show last night. If you’re not familiar with Lahren, (I wasn’t either until the Daily Show profiled her a few weeks ago), she hosts a show on the far right Blaze network.

However, it’s on Facebook where the now 23-year-old (the above quote is from 2015) Tomi Lahren truly gets her traction.

Her fire breathing videos, usually espousing racism, bigotry, ethnocentrism, homophobia, xenophobia and a bizarre perverted version of patriotism on the social media platform sometimes accrue an obscene amount of page views.

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L.A. Rams Starting Jared Goff the Right Call; Future is Now


In 2016, the NFL is pretty much one giant glob of mediocrity. Other than the Dallas Cowboys on one extreme, and the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars on the other polarity, no one in the league is really THAT elite or poor.

The Los Angeles Rams are one of those teams in that monstrous muddled middle. They’re not good enough to be real postseason contenders, not poor enough to be in full rebuild mode.

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Chicago Bears Among Seven Potential Tony Romo Landing Spots


Remember when Drew Bledsoe got “Bledsoed” by Tom Brady back in 2001? Then he got Bledsoed again several years later by Tony Romo? You might remember when Romo himself then got Bledsoed, or now we can say Romoed; because it just happened.

While injured, Romo lost his starting gig to Dak Prescott, who’s an early front-runner for the NFL MVP award. Prescott has led the Dallas Cowboys to a 9-1 record, placing them a peg or two above a National Football League that is mostly overflowing with mediocrity.

It’s Prescott’s team now, which means Romo needs to move on in 2017.

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Stick to Sports? Not Anymore, not with the SERIOUS Concerns We Have


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to acknowledge the passing of the phrase “stick to sports.”

It has now passed on into the great abyss.

Of course, to be honest with ourselves, we must first acknowledge

a.) that “stick to sports” only existed as a phrase conveniently leaving off the second, more important, self-defining portion of the expressed sentiment.

b.) that it was impossible for stick to sports to ever really exist in the first place.

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“Screw Him”: Dallas Cowboys Teammate on Randy Gregory

randy gregory

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Randy Gregory has certainly had his chances to make it in the NFL.

He’s consistently blown them. We see now why he took such a Brady Quinn-Johnny Manziel-Rashard Mendenhall level downward slide on his NFL Draft night.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on the Randy Gregory failed drug test and suspension:

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NFL Seeks to Speed Up Football Games


NFL games are not short. In fact, they are quite long. In the first eleven weeks of the 2015 season, many games were actually lasting longer than four hours.

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New York Jets Should Give Christian Hackenberg a Shot Soon

christian hackenberg 2016 nfl mock draft penn state football

I couldn’t agree more with NFL Network Analyst Michael Robinson, in his summation of the New York Jets’ quarterback struggles: “At some point, you have to see what you have in these young guys like Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick is back to being the starter for now, but he’s obviously not the guy for the future. Today he shook off an ugly first half to throw for 222 yards and a touchdown, leading the Jets (3-5) on three long scoring drives after they spotted the Cleveland Browns (0-8) a 13-point lead.

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Is the NBA Catching Up to the NFL?


This week, the 2016 NBA season begins with 28 teams trying to figure out how to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, who are the favorites to win the title this year. While plenty of people will be making their picks next Thursday or their NFL picks on Sunday, one major question some people have been asking is will the NBA ever catch up to the NFL?

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