Brandon Marshall: Professional Victim

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall has done so much to rehab his image and rehab as a human being. Today erased all of that.

Marshall decided to speak on the current state of the NFL and talk about a few issues concerning him. A recent piece on ESPN’s “E:60” and Gloria Allred’s Wednesday press conference empowered the Chicago Bears wide receiver to speak Thursday afternoon.

That decision was a mistake.

What could have been a perfect moment to use his rehabilitation into a functioning member of the NFL after poor life choices turned into a session of victim-blaming and ranting. Marshall was openly bashing ESPN even though he does a weekly radio show on their Chicago affiliate, WMVP-AM 1000. [Read more...]

Hey, thanks for coming Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy


Update: Greg Hardy has agreed to be placed on the NFL Commissioner’s exempt list.

Carolina Panthers Defensive End Greg Hardy, in some ways, might be worse than the other criminals and losers making headlines in the NFL right now. I wouldn’t say Hardy is going under the radar- there’s been plenty of coverage of his crimes. It’s just that Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice are/were bonafide superstars. They were known for their talents on the field before becoming infamous for their deplorable actions off of it.

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VIDEOS: Jim Harbaugh lampooned in hilarious new series

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-chicago-bears

In all likelihood, when we talk about Jim Harbaugh at this time next year, he will be coach of the Michigan Wolverines, not the San Francisco 49ers. As we’ve chronicled, Harbaugh’s days in Frisco are numbered. Michigan is a train wreck right now, especially by their high standards, so it won’t be long before Jim Harbaugh will be looking for a new gig, and Brady Hoke will be given his walking papers.

For the time being though let’s enjoy the last year of Harbaugh in the NFL. And the best way to enjoy his persona is through the art of lampoon.

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The NFL needs complete overhaul; starting at the top

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The NFL has had a rough couple weeks; to say the least. Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and league commissioner Roger Goodell have exposed the NFL as a broken and flawed organization that depended so much on its image that it overlooked the ugliness that was inside the whole time.

There is a good chance that the aforementioned players and commish will never set foot on a football field or appear in public representing the NFL ever again. Rice, Peterson and Goodell are the sacrificial lambs for a league that has engaged in gross malfeasance for a prolonged period of time.

The league office has hidden brain damage inducing concussions from its players while extorting tens of millions of dollars from a well meaning American public in the name of breast cancer research.

Pink jerseys, ladies, helped finance a few second home mortgages in the league’s executive offices. [Read more...]

Buffalo Bills: this defense is for real

Jerry Hughes

The Bills look good. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s only two weeks into the season, but the Buffalo Bills sit atop the AFC East as one of only five teams who are 2-0 heading into a Monday night showdown between the Colts and Eagles.

On a day where Bills fans were not only able to celebrate the tremendous strength of Jim Kelly and the fact that they’ll remain in Buffalo under new ownership, the Bills came out and beat up on their divisional rival, the Miami Dolphins.

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VIDEO: Cris Carter takes Ray Lewis to task, Lewis fails


Kudos to ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown’s Cris Carter for putting Ray Lewis on the spot this morning when discussing the Ray Rice saga. Lewis fails miserably though in his attempts to explain himself and ascend to the moral high ground. Unintentional comedy ensues as Lewis tries to defer everything to God. (Is that what he’s doing?) His incoherent ramblings also eschew some platitudes that would fit well on a motivational cat poster.


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NY Jets should effectively rush Aaron Rodgers

Mo Wilk

This NY Jets defense contains arguably Rex Ryan’s best pass rush since he came to New York in 2009.

Through the years, he’s been able to call defensive gems against the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. He did so against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers back in 2010, but the offense faltered and the Jets were shutout 9-0. Rodgers went just 15 of 34 for 74 yards and 0 touchdowns in that one.

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CBS’ James Brown has revealing interview of Ravens Owner


CBS’ James Brown gave a very poignant essay yesterday on the subject of domestic abuse before the Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers last night. In case you missed it, here’s the transcript. Brown also had a very revealing exclusive interview with Baltimore Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti; which aired in the pre-game show.

In case you missed that, here’s the gist of it, thanks to the good folks at CBS Sports Press Relations:

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“America’s Team” Dallas Cowboys look like a 5-11 team


“Dismal? “Dismal is an understatement. It was pathetic, the defense was atrocious,” said former Dallas Cowboys cornerback and NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders regarding the Dallas Cowboys start to their season.

How long can the team be this bad and still keep their “America’s Team” brand from being tarnished? There have been 8-8 season aplenty, but given how pathetic their performance was in week one, 8-8 looks like a pipe dream right now.

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NFL on CBS’ James Brown gives IMPORTANT essay on domestic abuse


You know what’s going on with Ray Rice. Coverage of this issue is wall to wall right now. Here’s what James Brown, of the NFL on CBS said tonight during the Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers pregame show:

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Jon Bon Jovi vanquished; Buffalo Bills fans rejoice


Buffalo Bills fans do not care much for Jon Bon Jovi. The organized grassroots backlash against the washed up 80s rocker has been well documented here. It’s understandable, as his ownership group aimed to move the team to Toronto. However, Bon Jovi lost, and the Bills Nation won, as the owner of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres stepped in to purchase the team with a $1.2 billion buy.

The slope that became slippery when wet has dried up. Buffalo Bills fans 1, Jon Bon Jovi 0

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Baltimore Ravens: new icon of the NFL criminal element


 In America, the NFL slaughters everything, while all other leagues are merely a niche sport. Even college football, which clearly comes in second, is a very distant second. This despite all the horrible negative publicity that surrounds the team everyday. I’m not just talking about the concussion crisis. Yes, football damages brains and destroys lives but that will not deter me or you from watching it.

Neither will the criminal element within the game. Look at the New England Patriots. Despite all the horrible human beings that suited up for them in recent years, they remain one of the league’s leading franchises. The Cinncinaughty Bengals had a lot of felonies and misdemeanors. Their fanbase ain’t shrinking.  Now the Baltimore Ravens.

They’re the new face of crime and (lack of) punishment in the NFL

(update: this was originally published on July 20th, and is being re-run in light of the Baltimore Ravens releasing Ray Rice, and the league suspending him indefinitely today)

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