In Die Hard, What Terrible Bowl Game Were Notre Dame and USC Relegated To?

die hard christmas movie

This weekend begins the bowl season, and with it the crappy bowl games that very few of us care about. Saturday brings us a cadre of bowl games that are just as awful as whatever bowl game hosted Notre Dame and USC in the classic Christmas film “Die Hard.”

The total number of bowl games has multiplied at an absurd rate these past few decades, but one truth still remains- real bowl games don’t start until after Christmas, and for the most part well after Christmas. Genuinely desirable bowl games still adhere to tradition, and take place on New Year’s.

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Tom Izzo Happily Helps Judge Mathis Troll Ohio State (Video)


We’re used to seeing Tom Izzo angry on television. The cameras love to catch the Michigan State basketball coach fuming in the heat of battle moments. We don’t often see him smiling on TV, but he certainly is here, during Thursday’s episode of Judge Mathis. 

On the December 7th edition of the program, Tom Izzo makes a special appearance in the courtroom. Have a watch of the clip below as Mathis reveals that his daughter was a student assistant to Izzo at Michigan State, before going on to law school and becoming a lawyer.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft 12-5-17


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Order was inspired by Tankathon, who we linked here. We then projected out how we will see each team finishing, out and thus composing the final order. If you take issue with the order, well then you have a lot of company. That’s what the comments section is for! Just keep it above board and professional in your criticism.

Team needs were somewhat taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft, at least as much as we could at this point. It’s still very early for a 2018 mock draft right now, and team needs will not be fully accounted for until AFTER NFL free agency ends.

For the link to our NBA mock draft go here.

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Michigan and Ohio’s Toledo War of 1835, and the Frostbitten Convention


This week is rivalry week in college football. Which conjures up memories of the Toledo War and the Frostbitten Convention.

This weekend brings awesome games with cool names like “The Iron Bowl” (Alabama-Auburn) and “The Holy War” (BYU-Utah). But only one of these rivalry games can claim an actual war in the history of its geographic region. That’s the Michigan Wolverines vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes, or “The Game,” as it’s called.

The Toledo War is one of the many reasons ESPN Classic is running a marathon of past tOSU-UM games today.

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#23 Northwestern Wildcats at Illini Football Game Preview, Prediction


Illini football welcomes their in-state rival, the 23rd-ranked Northwestern Wildcats, to Memorial Stadium on Saturday to close out what has been an utterly disastrous season. It’s the battle for the Land of Lincoln Trophy (3 pm CT, FS1) and the final game for 10 Illinois seniors. Yes, just ten seniors, as the Illini are one of the youngest teams in the nation, and arguably the youngest in school history.

Northwestern comes in heavily favored, by 16.5 points actually, to pick up win number nine on the season. If NU then wins their bowl game, they would finish with ten wins on the season, which would tie a school record set on three previous occasions (1995, 2012, 2015).

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Jim Harbaugh Era Has Been Much More Hype than Actual Substance So Far

jim harbaugh rome

Given the ridiculous amount of absurd hype that preceded the Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan, it’s pretty hard for anyone to live up to expectations. While a lot of the quirky things that Harbaugh does off the field and the extra-curricular activities he partakes in are actually great for the sport of college football, it only works when he takes care of business on the field, and he’s not doing that.

Michigan has two third place in the B1G east division finishes thus far in the Harbaugh era, and this year, it appears a fourth place finish could very likely be imminent.

They will now, as significant underdogs, host #8 Ohio State on Saturday to complete the regular season, and will do so having fallen out of the national rankings.

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What Four Legendary Old School Football Players Do These Days

archie griffin

By John O’Leary

When our favorite old-school football players left the field for the last time, some dropped out of the spotlight, choosing to lead quieter lives. Others do everything that they can to stay in front of the camera, seeking careers in entertainment, either acting or becoming a sports commentator. Still more get their moments in the spotlight in negative ways, such as felons on the evening news.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to your favorite players after retirement, keep reading to learn about four famous former players and the lives that they lead now.

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How Much Is Your College Football Rivalry Costing You?

Find out how your team stands up against your BIGGEST college rival in these shocking new rankings…

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Northwestern Football Has School Single Season Wins Record in Crosshairs


With a 39-0 blowout over Minnesota on Senior Day, Northwestern football is in prime shape now to tie the school record for single season wins (1995, 2012, 2015). Next week they’ll head to Champaign for what is the easiest game on the league schedule by far, against the hapless Illinois Fighting Illini.

Illinois lost 52-14 at #9 Ohio State, in a game that saw the largest point spread in a B1G conference game ever on record (41 points). Obviously, the Illini covered, so give them credit for that, but expect Vegas to open tomorrow with Northwestern football as 25 point favorites, give or take.

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P.J. Fleck Takes “100 Percent” Ownership of Blowout at #23 Northwestern

What Minnesota Golden Gophers Coach P.J. Fleck said today after his team got blown out by Northwestern was refreshing. Fleck took total ownership of the 39-0 rout, which saw his team lose the yardage battle 363-182 and end up -5 in the turnover margin.

“It’s not pretty whatsoever, and there’s no excuses for it, and it’s 100% on my shoulders,” Fleck said in Evanston.

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#25 Northwestern Football vs Minnesota Golden Gophers Game Preview

When Northwestern football Senior Day 2017 transpires this weekend, the main storyline will concern the two HIGH ENERGY head coaches on the sidelines. Both hail from Chicagoland, have a reputation for Midwestern wholesomeness, and possess a very strong work ethic.

There’s also a master vs. apprentice angle at work here. A decade ago, Minnesota Head Coach P.J. Fleck, then an assistant at Northern Illinois, called up a bunch of college football coaches and invited them to lunch so that he could pick their brains and talk shop. Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald was the only one who accepted his offer.

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ESPN Promotion of College Football Playoff Rankings is Very Obnoxious


There are three things to remember every single Tuesday night when ESPN releases the updated College Football Playoff Rankings.

First, this endeavor only merits a tweet and press release, not an entire television show. Maybe you could stretch this out into a two or three minute desk segment, but that’s really pushing it.

Secondly, all the controversies, real as well as the contrived debates created and then amplified by ESPN, will sort themselves out in the end. There’s no real reason to care all that strongly about the rankings until the last week of the season or conference championship weekend.

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