Ole Miss football player wins the Confederate Flag debate


This summer headlines relating to the Confederate flag were ubiquitous. It reminded us of a famous quote from one of the greatest writers in American history, Southern author William Faulkner. He once said “History is not was, it is.”

The confederate flag, with its pervasive presence in American culture, is emblematic of this saying. Ole Miss linebacker C.J. Johnson put the flag in its place, and the debate in the proper context.

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Is the 2015 Rutgers football season already over?


Rutgers football, the Big Ten team that no one in Big Ten country actually cares about. You can say the same for Maryland too. This is year two of this odd arrangement and we’re still not buying in. Rutgers football, and Head Coach Kyle Flood are making news though; albeit for the wrong reasons.

For better or worse (it’s worse), we have to talk about Flood and his Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

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USC Trojans version of “The U.” 30 for 30 upcoming


As Amory Blaine, the main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s debut novel “This Side of Paradise” said “the only business people are interested in reading about is crooked business.” The best college football 30 for 30s, and some of the best overall in the series, revolve around the cesspool that engulfs college football.

“Pony Exce$$” was phenomenal, and it was exceeded only by “The U.” and “The U Part 2.” The USC Trojans have certainly partaken in their share of fetid skullduggery over the years, and that will be chronicled by ESPN’s 30 for 30 series this fall.

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Five preliminary Illinois football head coaching candidates


Illinois football deserves so much better than what it currently has. The Fighting Illini were 63-48-4 (.565) during the 1980s. However, they’ve gone just 111-166-2 (.401) since John Mackovic left town to go Coach Texas. Mackovic’s name is critical because he is the most recent Illinois football head coach to leave on his own accord.

Memorial Stadium in Champaign has become a career graveyard for everybody else since (Lou Tepper, Ron Turner, Ron Zook….Tim Beckman). With this inconvenient truth in mind, Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas is going to have a hard sell.

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How Hurricane Katrina forever changed a prep football team’s fortunes


As the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, here’s a must read from FOX Sports about a high school football team destined for greatness; until the category five storm hit, the levees broke, and their lives were forever changed. It’s an account of surreal events as candidly told by members of a high school football team that resided in the ninth ward of New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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CBS’ Jenny Dell moves from NFL to College Football


Last season, CBS Sports’ number two NFL team was Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, and Jenny Dell. (The first string was Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson) This season, Jenny Dell will partner with Carter Blackburn and Aaron Taylor to form CBS’ lead college football announcer team.

You can look at it as a step up as Dell moves from the second string to the first string now. That’s one way of looking at it.

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Are Big 12 Football and the NIU Huskies a good fit?


Big 12 football needs to take action soon. As we learned this past December, the College Football Playoff selection committee harshly punishes you for not playing a conference championship game. Big 12 members Baylor and TCU learned that the hard way. The NCAA is a subjective, inconsistent, arbitrary and capricious being, and they have deemed that you need 12 teams in your league in order to have a conference title game.

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NIU Football: Never Too Early Season Preview

drew hare niu football

Making an Orange Bowl, grabbing a BCS bid, having a Heisman Trophy finalist and dominating the MAC still hasn’t out NIU football where it ultimately wants to be, or even where it should be. It’s time for a NIU football to move up a weight class. NIU has the longest home winning streak in all of college football, and the fourth most wins of any FBS program since 2010.

This fall, expect them to win all their home games, dominate the MAC, and win at least 10 or 11. This #MACtion thing has run its course. 

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LSU RB Leonard Fournette: 2015 Heisman Front-runner


LSU Tigers Freshman tailback Leonard Fournette is the new Melvin Gordon for 2015. Actually, Leonard Fournette is going to be more Leonard Fournette than anyone else, because he is a transcendent running back. The combination he possesses, of speed and power makes him a collegiate runner whose career (if he stayed all four years, which he won’t) could end up on parallel with Ron Dayne.

He’s also surrounded by tons of future NFL talent, so the sky is the limit for him in 2015.

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Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze supports removal of Confederate symbol from Mississippi state flag


The University of Mississippi eradicated the Confederate flag from their logo and imagery about 20 years ago. They replaced the Southern Cross with “Battle Ms,” a long time ago. Unfortunately, the state flag still has the confederate flag in upper left hand corner. What’s worse is the reason it’s there.

The cross of St. Andrews, otherwise known as the Confederate battle flag was added to Mississippi’s state flag in 1894; and it’s symbolic presence for the purposes of reclaiming the state after reconstruction ended in 1877.

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Expect more SEC Football pride in wake of Confederate Takedown


SEC football fans are known first and foremost for one thing- often reminding you just how AWESOME SEC football is. Expect this trend to ramp up now that the Confederate flag is getting rapidly phased out of American culture.

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Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves on top 8 ’16 NFL prospect list

britany raymond vernon hargreaves

Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida leads the list of the top non-quarterback prospects for the 2016 NFL Draft. He’s a height-weight-speed guy. Great ball skills. (insert scouting cliche) (insert NFL Draft evaluative process buzzword, catch-phrase) blah blah. blah. buzzword. buzzword.

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