CJ Bacher and Tyrell Sutton present alternative solution to CAPA

Minnesota Northwestern Football

Former Northwestern QB CJ Bacher is speaking out against another Wildcats starting quarterback, as he’s upset with the way Kain Colter has portrayed the NU football program during the NLRB proceedings. Bacher, along with another former NU star skill position player, running back Tyrell Sutton have fought back against Colter with a PR counter-offensive.

Their message is being spread by a publicity firm and press release. And CJ Bacher was on 87.7 The Game talking about unionization, Colter and much more. He also did The Gottlieb Show and Big Ten Network. So he’s gotten a lot of publicity for his cause. Still, the public just isn’t interested. At all.

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Combine draft stock: 3 who earned a 1st round grade, 3 who fell out


Now that the NFL Scouting Combine is over, here’s our biggest winners and losers. Or three stock up and three stock down. Here’s three who came to Indianapolis without a first round grade, but now stand a very good chance of hearing their names called on draft night. Conversely, three who fell out of the first round with a bad performance.

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Johnny Manziel to be on Gruden’s QB Camp (Jordan Lynch too)


Johnny Manziel, the most high profile of all high profile quarterbacks will be on the ESPN series Jon Gruden’s QB Camp. The other top two prospects, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater will be joining him. As he a couple signal callers from the mid-majors in the Land of Lincoln.

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Jewel of Bobby Petrino recruiting class charged with child sex felony


Maybe hiring Bobby Petrino was a bad idea. Maybe all those times when I said replacing Tim Beckman with Bobby Petrino would be a good idea…yeah I take that back.

Meet three-star linebacker prospect and signed member of the Louisville Cardinals recruiting class Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad. The native of Fort Pierce, Fla., was arrested Monday on a felony sex-related charge of “lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor” after impregnating his 14-year-old cousin.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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History backs up Kain Colter comment about football and warfare


Kain Colter testified today at day one of the NLRB hearing that will rule on the status of CAPA as a valid labor organization. His comparisons of football to the military are getting some backlash. Even though the sport of football is rooted in military traditions. Some pundits are deriding Colter for comparing football training to military training. That’s understandable as football is just win or lose, not life or death. However, here I provide a history lesson on football being literally a “war game” in order to provide proper context of this discussion.

First here’s what Colter said:

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Rush Limbaugh reprises his old Donovan McNabb bit on Michael Sam


Since Sunday night everyone has written about Michael Sam. And with this media crush comes the idiotic and bigoted takes on Michael Sam. We knew Rush Limbaugh would say something offensive and stupid. That’s not news. Anytime Rush Limbaugh says anything racist, insensitive, homophobic, moronic, socially regressive etc. It’s not news, it’s just expected.

That’s who Rush is, it’s what he does. What is unexpected, is that Rush would use the exact same bit on Michael Sam that got him fired from NFL Countdown on ESPN.

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Bears Martellus Bennett on Michael Sam and what he means to the NFL


Martellus Bennett is the best soundbite on the Chicago Bears, and one of the best soundbites in the NFL. He’s probably the best Bears soundbite in a generation, maybe since Jim McMahon. Here, he opines more on Michael Sam coming out and what his announcement means to the NFL

Would Michael Sam be welcomed in the Chicago Bears locker room? How will Sam’s announcement affect his draft stock? What does the Orange Dino think?

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NU’s Jim Phillips is outperforming UI’s Mike Thomas right now


You have to appreciate the job Jim Phillips, Northwestern Vice President for Athletics and Recreation is doing right now in Evanston. Certainly so when compared against his counter-part in Champaign, University of Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas.

The juxtaposition of the two ADs is long overdue, especially in wake of Thomas experiencing a Lane Kiffin or George W. Bush style failing upward.

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Jordan Lynch: Mel Kiper sees little to no NFL Draft stock


The topic of Jordan Lynch came up during the Mel Kiper Jr. media conference call a couple days ago. The Northern Illinois University quarterback finished 7th in Heisman Trophy voting his junior year and third last year. He was second to Johnny Manziel in total offense in 2012 and broke the single game record for rushing yards by a quarterback twice in 2013.

Back then I said Jordan Lynch had little to no NFL Draft stock, certainly not as a QB. Sure he was one of the best overall college football players in the nation, but I don’t see him as a next level guy. Neither does Kiper.

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Green Bay adds Ron Zook to coaching staff

ron zook

Ron Zook works in a small local bank these days. A Gateway Bank branch in Ocala, Florida, as you no doubt have heard by now. Well, apparently those days will be coming to an end, as he’s joined the Green Bay Packers coaching staff as an Assistant Special Teams Coach, two NFL sources confirmed to ESPN Friday.

The Packers are expected to announce the official hiring later today.

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NFLPA supports cause of CAPA, Colter, Northwestern players


The NFLPA stands with the college football players seeking to create a collegiate association that would possess the power to collectively bargain. On Tuesday, history was made as CAPA (Collegiate Athletes Players Association) was unveiled to the public, and the NCAA had a quick combative response.

Kain Colter and an anonymous majority (as opposed to Richard M. Nixon’s “silent majority”) of  Northwestern football players took steps to form the first ever union for college athletes. The next step is February 6th, when the local chapter of the National Labor Relations Board will rule on the initiative in Chicago.

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Former UCLA football player Ramogi Huma leads CAPA (VIDEO)


Ramogi Huma is Founder and President of the College Athletes Players Association. Huma is a former UCLA football player who initiated/led the college athletes’ rights movement for more than 15 years. After witnessing the NCAA suspend his teammate for accepting a bag of groceries when he had no food, and after being informed that the NCAA prevented UCLA from paying medical expenses from injuries that occurred during summer workouts, Huma launched an advocacy group.

Today, in Chicago Ramogi Huma took the next step forward towards progress and social justice.
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