Wolves hope Rubio situation solved soon



By Andy Weise

Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations David Kahn has remained plenty busy this summer with the Wolves and it seems like he has one final thing to do: solve the Ricky Rubio buyout. Sources close to the Wolves and thesportsbank.net believe the chances of Rubio playing in Minnesota continue to increase by the day. With Kahn in Spain this week, a deal appears to be nearing completion and the announcement could be coming soon.

We’ve all seen the numbers plenty of times and we all know the NBA rule a team can only contribute $500k towards the buyout, but Kahn continues to give hope to Wolves fans with his nonstop tinkering to a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004. That hope rests largely in the No. 5 overall pick in the NBA draft, 18-year-old Spanish guard Ricky Rubio.


Kahn has visited Spain a handful of times according to sources, and pictures did appear on the Internet after one of his visits with both him and Rubio together, appearing to be enjoying themselves. While the east-coast media has continually fueled speculation that Kahn will ship Rubio to his former boss’ (Donnie Walsh) new team, the New York Knicks, common sense would say the Knicks do not have the pieces and the Wolves are desperate to attract attention that would turn into ticket sales.

It’s very hard to say how much Rubio would contribute this year if he does in fact join the Wolves. He will likely be competing with the Wolves’ other rookie point guard Jonny Flynn for playing time but because Rubio is only 18 going on 19, most players his age are stuck in college playing out their freshman seasons. Rubio’s potential might be only rivaled by Blake Griffin in the 2009 draft and that was the reason the Wolves were offered numerous trades, including one from Houston that included Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks.

One possible delay for any Rubio announcement would be the news of Brett Favre signing with the Minnesota Vikings this week. The Vikings have grabbed all the national headlines and if Rubio does announce that he is coming to Minnesota, the Timberwolves likely will steal some national attention even now, a few months before the season begins.


Rest assured, Kahn and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor know the advantages of having Rubio on the team this year will likely cut into the deficit the franchise has had the last few years. With Rubio and Flynn joining franchise cornerstones Kevin Love and Al Jefferson, the Wolves begin to look like an up-and-coming organization. It won’t hurt that the team could have over $20 million in cap space this summer. Kahn also didn’t hurt the Wolves when he hired Lakers top assistant Kurt Rambis.

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  1. Peter Christian says

    It’s gonna be so adorable watching Rubio and Corey Brewer learning how to hit an outside shot together.

  2. How much do you think Rubio got paid to do a half a second cameo in the Gillette body wash commercial?

  3. paulmbanks says

    Back in July I really didnt think this was going to happen. Myabe Kahn has some magic in him after all.

  4. Fiba Americas says

    I do hope this “courting” pays off for the Minnesota T-wolves.

  5. I will be so happy if the Wolves actually sign him. I’m so sick of these foreign players complaining after they get drafted by midwest teams not in a big media market. (See Yi for the Bucks) They actually would be a fun team to watch too with big Al and Kevin Love.

  6. If you scroll down and find Kurt Rambis’ Radio interview post you’ll hear him talk about this issue he seem to me that he was convince this could be close to a done deal he also talks about him and Kahn going to Poland & watch ricky in the European Championships


  7. I want to watch Rubio in the European Championship, He is amazing!!!hope he goes finally to N.Y….

  8. The European Championship??I hope to watch Rubio in the N.B.A,
    If not , i will watch Spanish National Team, that is like N.B.A, they rock!!!

  9. paulmbanks says

    I loved watching that Spanish team play in the 08 Olympics..even though they were horribly racist and un PC in their photo.

    Having Rubio would make Rambis’s job and transistion a lot easier

  10. paulmbanks says

    I acutally do want to watch the T Wolves now this year, I think they will be a fun squad

  11. Rubio needs to ride his buy out, out of Minnesota and into NY or he will lose big time money in endorsements.

  12. David Palmer says

    Why is it so hard to imagine Rubio doing a Best Buy, Target or 3M (Minnesota based companies) endorsment (he already has Gillette)? Yeah, he would sell more jerseys in NY, but we have Fortune 500 companies in the Midwest also.

  13. Minnesota has about 20 Fortune 500 companies, which is rather large considering we have the 21st largest population in the country. This isn’t including Cargill (the largest private company) and Honeywell / Wells Fargo (based here as Norwest) … Minnesota has many big name companies and Rubio will be able to find endorsements when he gets here.

  14. I should note also that what I meant about Honeywell / Wells Fargo is that we used to have more.. and just lost Northwest also, but we still have more than our population merits.

  15. paulmbanks says

    i was waiting for someone to mention Wells Fargo. I agree that Minneapolis is one of the best cities for big time corporate HQ. well beyond the size of their market. the only thing they’re lacking in this regard is that “defining industry” that people associate with the city. like…

    banking and media, publishing with NYC
    seafood and aviation with Seattle
    entertainment industry with LA
    beef, pork and pizza with Chicago (no wonder we’re all a bunch of fat asses)

  16. Andy Weise says

    What about retail industry? Best Buy & Target?

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