Tubby Time NOT moving to Auburn!


tubby smith

By Paul M. Banks

You heard all the rumors about Tubby Smith leaving Minnesota and moving on to Auburn. That he’s on his way back to the SEC. Is it true? Should Goldy Gopher start shedding a tear over what he (she? I don’t know what gender the mascot is) might lose?

Last night, CBS’ Dennis Dodd in his blog “Dodds & Ends” reported that Auburn is close to hiring Minnesota Golden Gophers Head Coach Tubby Smith.  Following Minnesota’s  65-54 1st round loss to Xavier in the NCAA Tournament, Tubby answered a reporter’s inquiry about the situation

“That’s just talk. I’m pleased with where we are in the program. With what we’ve accomplished. I’m looking forward to coming back,” Smith told the media.

For now, it appears “Tubby Time” will continue in the Twin Cities. But obviously that might change in the near future. As of today, the rumors appear false as Tubby claims to be “feeling Minnesota” more than Auburn right now. Maybe he’ll pull a Brian Kelly. Maybe he is leaving?

From now on we’ll define “pulling a Brian Kelly” as (for those of you that cannot recall back to December) as vehemently stating that you’re remaining in the coaching position you have, even though you’ve already made plans to bolt elsewhere. And constantly telling the media the exact opposite of what is true. So only time will tell if Tubby is pulling a BK.


  1. Tubby will never leave the ten thousand lakes. He loves to fish and he
    likes how the Minnesota nice don’t haggle him like UK nutbag fans.

  2. That’s why Minnesota sucks in basketball. They’d rather be
    fishing! Tubby knows it and doesn’t want to waste anymore
    time in a place with no talent and no knowledge of the game.
    Elite recruits don’t want to play in a frozen wasteland of

  3. paulmbanks says

    UK fans are batshit crazy…I’m sure he doesn’t want to back to that. And maybe Tubby just wants to build his own legacy, build something from the ground up. Like how DePaul’s next coach could….once they find him on careerbuilder.com

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