Tracy Wolfson talks infamous Bo Ryan interview (exclusive)



The Tracy Wolfson halftime interview of Wisconsin Badgers Coach Bo Ryan at the 2013 Big Ten Tournament final was certainly something. The video went viral and made every sports blog possible. Why? Well, I included video and a transcript below so you can see why.

I also had an exclusive with Tracy Wolfson yesterday where I asked her about the infamous interview and what happened when she encountered Ryan this year.

By the way, the day before Tracy Wolfson and CBS arrived, Bo Ryan gave us the best soundbite of the Big Ten Tournament, hands down.

Here it is in transcript form:

Wolfson: You had a nine point lead, allowed them to get back in it here, what changed down the stretch?

Ryan: Well, it’s not what you allow, it’s what the other team takes advantage of, so…

[awkward pause]

Wolfson: And what did they take advantage of?

Ryan: Well, they made some shots.

Wolfson: so what do you need to do to adjust?

Ryan: [interrupting] try to keep them from making shots.


And our convo yesterday.

Paul M. Banks: “so, about that infamous Bo Ryan interview from last year, are you guys friends now?”

Tracy Wolfson: “It’s funny you brought that up because it was my birthday when he did that interview with me. It was frustrating because it’s not like I asked the wrong questions, I just think he was not happy. You put yourself in a position any time when you’re a sideline reporter at halftime, I don’t shy away from that. Anyway, I was a little nervous going into the Big Ten Tournament this week, but I knew that I better go up and at least say hi to him and reintroduce myself, he could have just forgotten about it, I don’t know.

I made sure to make eye contact before the pregame, I went over and shook my hand, he said hi Tracy how are you? Then walking away he says I didn’t know that was your birthday! And that’s great, even things up and just cut the ice. I saw him at halftime, I did an interview walking back towards the court, and he was tremendous. He gave me some really good stuff. I know he wasn’t happy at that halftime, and he was still great to me. So it’s a pretty funny story. No one knows that one. Until now I guess.”


So there you go, Tracy’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day. You can follow Tracy Wolfson on Twitter (@tracywolfson), on her Facebook fan page and on her blog Tracy Wolfson .net (She just launched it last week)

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