Rating the Kitschy, Retro Pro Team Fight Song



By Paul M. Banks

“Here come the Hawks,” is by far the best of all the kitschy, retro Chicago pro team fight songs.

You’re likely hearing “Go, Cubs, Go” plenty enough this season

Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers is a great name for band making music that would be entitled “Go Go White Sox”

An older classic, “Bear Down” with this version sung by a man with a very powerful voice…and even more powerful facial hair

So bad that’s its great, “San Diego Super Chargers,” a good friend was somehow able to get this played at his wedding a couple years ago.

The text in this clip will tell about the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song and why it’s “endangered.” You can listen to it too.

The best overall however, may be this retro ditty honoring the Hartford Whalers, a franchise that exists under a new name in another city.

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  1. I know I for one can’t get enough of “Go Cubs Go” this season at the end of Cubs victories…

  2. paulmbanks says

    I’m sure your bro will agree with me that the Hawks have the best one.

    That Whalers instrumental is classic. it’s entitled “Brass Bonanza”

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