Nastia Liukin’s 2012 U.S. Olympic team chances worsen



Subway spokeswoman Nastia Liukin is one of the more popular potential U.S. Olympic athletes prepping for London in 73 days. She’s one of the faces of the USA gymnastics franchise, and one of the most successful competitors in Beijing 2008. But despite all her medals, she may not make the Olympic team this summer.

(UPDATE VIDEO: Liukin falls, faceplants at trials. Cost her chance at Olympics)

Her showing at the Olympic trials today was not so good. Here’s an interview of her following her performance, showing that she is indeed holding the proper perspective about her dimming chances of making the London 2012 Olympics squad.


From USA Today:

During her first event during the Olympic trials on Friday, the uneven bars, Liukin seemingly ran out of steam as she prepared for her dismount. With knees bent, she struggled then fell.

Just minutes into the competition, 1996 Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller, who was doing play-by-play in the arena, said that routine likely put her off the team. Next, Liukin struggled with her endurance on the beam, her only other event, likely proving Miller’s prediction true. She finished 10th on bars and seventh on beam.

“Basically, she ran out of gas,” said her father and coach, Valeri.




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  1. I don’t honestly know if she is going to make it. It’s a tossup really. She could really add to the team in bars and beam but there are a good few girls who have high t scores in these events (Douglas and Anna Li comes to mind). However, what she also has is experience. Yet who knows. She has been out of the sport for SO long and is JUST jumping in, whereas so many other gymnasts have been preparing themselves for years for this.

    She has a LOT of pressure. If she doesn’t do well at the Classics and Nationals…even if she makes it to the trials, she will have a hard time convincing whoever chooses the team that she is consistent enough (whereas once again many other girls have had years to also build their skills and cred).

  2. *omit that random “t”

  3. paulmbanks says

    a t score is something from stats class isn’t it? or was that z-score, or both?

    anyways, if she doesn’t make it, who’s the face of the franchise? who’s the most iconic figure in usa gymnastics heading into London now

  4. Jordyn Wieber is the one to watch heading into the London Olympics. She is by far the most consistent and dominant US gymnast at this time ;)

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