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By Seth Grunlode

In my last posting promoting this mailbag my comment of “Jack’s lack of a scar” was taken the wrong way by a lot of you.

Here is the scoop… I got several emails from you asking if I was able to see one because a lot of people didn’t. For the record, YES YOU CAN SEE JACK’S SCAR.

However if you are one of the folks who didn’t see it don’t feel bad. Whether it was done on purpose or not it was very cleverly hidden. While Jack is walking around wearing the towel there are a few shots where I thought I saw something but couldn’t tell. But there was one shot where it is very clear. However it’s a shot of Jack looking in a mirror, so at first glance you look to his right side and there is nothing there. But when you realize it’s a mirror image and look to the other side there it is.

It’s not the first time this kind of debate has raged on though. In Sayid’s flash-forward when he is in bed with Elsa, he doesn’t have a scar from getting shot in the arm by Mikhail, which is probably just a continuity error.

Seth, why would Hurley say that Jack isn’t supposed to raise Aaron? – Tammy P.

I would have to imagine that it has something to do with the psychic Claire saw in season 1. Remember that he said that if anyone but Claire raises Aaron, great danger surrounds him. He specifically put Claire on that flight, and we would have to think because he knew it would crash. Now Aaron is off the island getting raised by Kate and we have no clue what Claire’s fate is other than she left her baby in the jungle and followed her dead father into the jungle. Most of you know that I picked Claire to die this season before the season even started and have been holding strong along those lines. I just might be wrong. Here is a thought, what if Claire is still back on the island and the reason Jack wants to go back so bad in his downward spiral episode is because they need to bring Aaron back to Claire? It’s just a thought. One of the reasons I have been so adamant about Claire dying is because I never imagined she could never let anyone have her baby, so if Kate has him Claire must be dead. Well then she completely blows my theory by just leaving Aaron in the middle of the jungle. I am hoping we’ll learn more about that in Episode 4.11 “Cabin Fever”. My guess would be that Christian Shephard is taking Claire to Jacob’s cabin, where we have briefly seen him before.

This is a little off subject from the question that was asked, but give this some thought. Richard Malkin, the psychic made his predictions to Claire and seemed to be the real deal, but in a later episode he told Eko that he was a fraud. Most fans dismissed the idea that he was a fraud because of all of the freaky info he gave Claire. But what if he really is a fraud and was working for Ben to get Claire on the plane because of how important Aaron is? That might be kind of a crackpot theory but something to consider.

Seth, in Ben’s flash-forward episode he went to see Charles Widmore but said they both know Ben can’t kill him. Why? – Sara M.

I have said before that it could have something to do with the “rules” Ben alluded to, but that is still all very vague. However I did hear another theory about it this weekend that I’ll share. It was implied that Ben is time traveling, he did after all ask what year it was when he was in Tunisia. Perhaps he can’t kill him because Charles Widmore is his constant. If he killed his own constant he would be in danger of dying himself. I have to give credit to my friend Mindy for that theory. I don’t know if I buy it 100% but it certainly is interesting.

Hey Seth, Are we ever going to find out what the 4 toe statue thing that we saw last season, or is that something that may have went somewhere, but the writers just dropped it? It’s been bugging me because that is something that could have led to a pretty interesting storyline. – Matt T.

Damon and Carlton have promised we will see it again. They originally said it was going to be this season, but since season 4 was shortened by the strike it isn’t clear whether or not it will be this season or next. My guess is that it will all be tied into the concept of “the Island’s original inhabitants” and “the Temple”. Remember that Richard and all of the Others are currently in at the Temple, which Ben has said might be the last safe place on the island.


A Bonus Edition of Ask Seth…. More on Claire and DeathWatch!

There is one thing I forgot to touch on from Episode 4.10 that could have a major impact on tonight’s episode 4.11 and it has to do with Claire. I was reminded about it by this email I received today:

How do we know that Claire is not dead already? She could have died in the explosion that we saw a couple of episodes ago. Now what we the viewers are seeing and what Sawyer and Miles are seeing is the island creating her like it did with Yemi. Plus Miles was acting real strange around her and seeing he can communicate with the dead, she could be dead already. Just a theory I thought of while reading your blog about Claire. – Scott C.

Scott was right to notice something a little strange in the scene where the 3 of them are walking through the jungle. When Sawyer asks if she is doing alright she says she is ok then says “at least I am not seeing things any more”. The comment may have seemed a little misplaced. That is because there was a scene cut from that episode where Sawyer asks her how she knew to get out of her house before it blew up, because she was supposed to be napping. She says that she had a vision, in a dream where someone came to her and told her she is in danger.

So I am fairly sure she is still alive. Considering that later in the episode Christian Shephard (who we know is connect to Jacob in some way) comes to lead her off into the jungle I would think that her “vision” that saved her life was also in some way connected to Jacob. When I picked Claire for my DeathWatch at the very beginning of the season, I wrote that it was because she isn’t involved in any major story lines other than her relation to Jack, which could have been resolved even with Claire dead. It would appear that Damon and Carlton are remedying that situation and making her much more involved.

My original DeathWatch picks are still in play though. We have yet to officially lose a MAJOR character this season. Lots of people have died, just none of our principles. My picks in order of likelihood were 1) Jin 2) Sawyer 3) Claire… it would appear that my Sawyer and Claire picks won’t happen, but Jin is still in play. I made those picks in January. Now that you all have the benefit of having seen most of season 4, send me an email at sethislost@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post and pick one major character you think is most likely to be killed before the end of the season and why. I’ll post the most popular responses.

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