Lessons Learned from Ultimate Fighter Finale


I had the privilege to watch the Ultimate Fighter finale over the weekend from the Palms. Witnessing these world class athletes in the octagon is a worthy culmination to season fourteen. Michael Bisping manhandled Jason “Mayhem” Miller in the final bout of the evening. The duo between the coaches made me ponder what is in store for fighters after their careers. I decided to provide some options for those who are in search of a second job opportunity.

Elite armed forces units: The fighting skills provide the background knowledge necessary for effective hand to hand combat. There is a certain type of man who is needed to enter dangerous situations and carry out missions across the world. The training necessary to successfully enter the octagon is a needed asset in the armed forces. Some of these gentlemen undoubtedly have some colorful pasts, so looking over a hiccup or two would occur to accept them into the ranks of the few…the proud.

Elementary school teachers: This seems like a total one eighty from the previous option, but there is a lack of male role models at this level. There would be instant classroom management with their appearance and the transition into a consistent 9 to 5 job would help the fighters acclimate into everyday society. In addition, this is the most important level of schooling because it sets the tone for the rest of the students’ academic careers. The foundation that learners receive in the early years is a precursor for future success.

Coaching: This is the most obvious profession for a fighter on the cusp of retirement. The camaraderie that is missed when an athlete leaves the culture is a massive void. Often a man’s worth is equated with what he does, so mentoring youngsters is a noble task. The wisdom that a fighter obtains over a career is often futile because he is too old to utilize his knowledge by the time that he obtains it. This undoubtedly makes coaching an even more attractive option then. Fighting father time is something all of us must grapple with.

Investing: Besides athletic ability and toughness, extreme discipline is a necessity for greatness in the UFC. Many of the competitors like Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and Ken Shamrock have made large sums of money throughout their careers. Celebrity bankruptcies have been in the news for decades. Many of these situations were caused by associates skimming off the balances. This couldn’t occur if the breadwinner took a more hands-on approach to his finances. Wealth management is an intriguing subject matter and a practical one for men in these situations.

Acting: Gina Carano will be prominently featured in the upcoming feature film Haywire. For better or worse, acting jobs are offered more by name recognition than talent. Mixed martial arts is widely popular with a demographic that is appealing to movie studios. The age group that purchases the pay-per-views is the same one that will certainly buy tickets at theaters all over the country.


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