How to Play Poker Like a Professional Player



You might gamble to make a career out of it, or to while away some time hoping for Lady Luck to be on your side. It’s the dream of every poker player to win every session. Let’s face it, even the best poker players have fallen off the wagon in their career. You can learn to play poker with a few bucks and some time to spare, but it’s a whole different ball game to master the game which could take you ages.

Difference between a pro and an amateur poker player

You’re left with two options – drive to the nearest casino or play it online in your comfort space. However, each comes with its own pros and cons. It’s a staggering figure to notice that only 10% of poker players make a long-term career in poker. You might overrate your skills; a session with a sleek opponent is all it takes to bring down your morale and your winnings as well.

The difference between an amateur and a professional player can easily be identified within a short span at the table. It just takes a single move for you to win or lose at chess, the same holds good in poker. You can’t reverse a move like you do while playing with your siblings or buddies. However, a step ahead of your opponent is equally important given your skill set of the game.

Learn to play poker like a pro with these skill set which sets you and a professional player apart:

Winning and losing is part of the game

Poker or just about any game is a long-term battle. It’s important that you understand the game’s nuances and be patient. You might lose a few bucks in the initial stage of the game; these losses will make you stronger and equip you for the upcoming sessions.

It’s important to vary your play according to the situation; you must try to read your opponent and hide your emotions. If you’re predictable in poker, your game will be vulnerable because your opponent will know what’s in store before you even realize it. It’s recommended that you place smaller bets in the infancy stage of your game. This helps you increase your bet with your experience in the game.

Making the best use of bluffs

You might find a well-timed bluff is all it takes to win the pot. What do bluffs really mean when you play poker? It’s a strategy used to convince your opponent and make him believe you hold cards to beat him, when you actually don’t have worthy cards to beat him. Obviously, you’re not going to talk to your opponent; it’s your body language and actions that can convince your opponent.

You might shell out all the chips to enhance your bluff, but most professional players are aware of bluffs. However, bluffs used occasionally and at the right moment makes the difference to win a losing session.  Most poker players master the art of bluffing with years of experience. You must be cautious not to use them consistently to prevent your game being predictable or even lose a session.

Ability to face reality

If you choose poker to be your profession, you need to invest quality time, effort, and money. You must keep track of the number of wins and losses regularly to analyze where you stand in poker. However, you must consider poker to be like any other profession. Sooner or later, you it might hit you hard with a loss like with any business.

Learn to play poker like a pro takes time, what separates professional from amateurs, is the experience and to know when to quit. You must be able to differentiate between gambling addicts and professional poker players.

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