First Lady of Chicago Maggie Daley: RIP



Extremely sad news to pass along this Thanksgiving night- the loss of Chicago’s First Lady Maggie Daley. The woman born Margaret Ann Corbett, and later known as Maggie Corbett, was married to former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley for 40 years; they met at a Christmas party in 1970.

Daley, the Younger ruled Chicago for 22 years before ceding power to Rahm Emanuel earlier this year. Maggie Daley, who was active in bringing public awareness to the arts and issues that focused on children, died around 6 p.m. today.

She fought breast cancer for nine years, before passing on the age of 68.
From the Chicago Tribune:

Mrs. Daley was surrounded by her husband and family members at her home, according to Jacquelyn Heard, a family friend and the former mayor’s spokeswoman.

“The mayor and his family would like to thank the people of Chicago for the kindness they have shown Mrs. Daley over the years, and they appreciate your prayers at this time,” Heard said….

…As her husband Richard Daley ruled Chicago, she usually sought to avoid the limelight. But in the background she wielded great influence over her husband, and he in turn used his power to benefit causes she championed—from transforming Meigs Field into a nature park to showering public funds on an after school charity she founded. When questions were raised about such activities, the former mayor often grew agitated and defensive.

I strongly recommend reading the whole piece here

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