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“Soxocrats Demand Recount for Dye”

By The Soxman and Paul M. Banks  

(PB) Obviously, I agree with you that it’s a travesty how no members of the Sox pitching staff made the All-Star squad, (see Soxman’s all-star snubs column for more on that) what with them leading all of MLB in ERA and WHIP.    

 (SM) As I said in my article, regardless of fan voting, the remaining roster is chosen by a combination of coaches and players.  There is also the rule that every major league team must be represented, which makes things complicated when trying to obtain the perfect roster.  I still think one of the White Sox should have made the team over one of the Angels’ starters.  As much as I love Joe Crede, he was a strange selection if you truly want to represent “the best” of each team.  While Sox fans know Crede’s defense is better than his current statistics, he has the worst fielding percentage of all AL third basemen this year.   

(PB) Jermaine Dye really deserves a spot too. As they say in Chicago “vote early, vote often” for Dye at this link until Thu 4pm CT.  http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2008/fv/ballot.html  We have a good history with this, Pods in ’05, the “Punch A.J.” campaign in ’06. Both were successful.    

 (SM) Yes we do have great success here, but we are taking on a New York Yankee, and “the House that Ruth Built” is hosting the All-Star game for the final time. It will be an uphill battle.  Dye really deserves it and I imagine if he is not voted in, he will be the first alternate selected should an injured player opt out. Fans must have not punched Dye’s name fully during balloting.  Perhaps a hand recount is in order?

 (PB) John Danks is one of the most overlooked players in regards to Chicago’s “Soxcess” this season. Do you agree?    

(SM) John Danks, 2.52 ERA (3rd in AL), 1.17 WHIP (10th), .234 Opponents BA (8th in the AL), almost threw a no-hitter earlier this season.  He has been the most underrated pitcher on the White Sox and arguably in the majors. 

So why doesn’t Danks get more “love?”  His record is only 6-4 this season.  Unfortunately, MLB places way too much emphasis on something pitchers are only partially in control of.  Still, Danks’ 6 wins tie him with at least a dozen other AL pitchers for 30th in wins.  That statistic unfairly buries him in mediocrity.  


(PB) Bringing up Dwayne Wise seemed like a smart choice, where do you see the ceiling on him? And Sexei Alexei Ramirez, the promising young second baseman who’s really come on as of late…   

(SM) Dwayne Wise has a smattering of MLB experience with the Blue Jays, Braves, and Reds.  2004 was his best season, batting .228, 6 HR, 17 RBI, and 6 SB in 162 Abs.  Even with his offensive explosion this season, his career BA is still only .216.  He is a good left-handed hitting role player to compliment Brian Anderson, who adds slightly above average speed to a very slow team.  Assuming the Sox do not move Juan Uribe or send Adam Russell down when Konerko is activated, Wise could be the odd man out.     

Alexei Ramirez is amazing.  No major league hitter, to my knowledge, has come directly from Cuba without spending any time in the minors and had this level of success.  Ramirez seems to keep improving with experience.  He also never hit more than 20 Hrs in Cuba and has 7 already in 204 Abs with the Sox.  His defense is improving as well.  

(PB) Once the weather warmed up, the Sox bats did as well. It’s also interesting that ever since they re-did the upper deck for the 2003 All-Star game, the air currents above U.S. Cellular Field became re-directed and the park became a launching pad. The Cell is now the most home-run friendly park in the majors; and when the summertime humidity kicks in, even more so. Maybe it’s something about warm air rising, maybe I need to consult some of those climate scientists I know, or watch Al Gore’s slideshow again for the answer. Your hypothesis on the warming weather and bats….   

 (SM) Al Gore has proved that he Earth’s temperature is rising at a rate similar to the White Sox torrid home-run pace.  At what cost to our Earth are we winning?  Just kidding. Balls are actually supposed to carry less in a humid environment, which is why the Rockies tried storing their game balls in a humidor for a couple of seasons. My guess is that some players just play better in warm weather because their bodies are looser and their spirits tend to be higher.  Also, the summer months coincide with a period where hitters are seeing pitchers for the second or third time.  One could argue they have a better idea what the opposition is going to throw.   

(PB) The boys on ESPN Baseball Tonight have us as the favorites to take the division due to our pitching…especially because of our bullpen which they find to be a huge advantage.  

(SM) There are always intangibles such as Jenks health, but in general I think the sox have an awesome shot at winning the division.  However, THEY MUST IMPROVE THEIR ROAD RECORD.  They have dropped 10 of their last 12 games on the road this season.  They need to continue their home dominance and just play at least .500 ball on the road in order to secure the AL Central.  They continue failing in key scoring opportunities as well, hitting a miserable .197 with runners in scoring position and two outs.  The only worse team is San Diego at .193.  The Twins are the second best in baseball at .287. I guess we just can’t stop believing…AGAIN.


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  1. paulmbanks says

    Still think we need Gavin Floyd and John Danks on that squad too!

  2. I second that.

  3. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    Bummer. Longoria got it

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