Big Ten Power Rankings


By David K. and Paul M. Banks

1. Purdue -Looking kind of like the Glenn Robinson/Cuonzo Martin years
-A healthy Robbie Hummel makes the difference in a convincing win against State

2. Michigan St. -Not deserving of a top ten national ranking, but dominating team on the glass
-Raymar Morgan is back, but still not 100%

3. Minnesota -It’s sad that I’m putting them this high
-cause somebody has to be here

4. Illinois -nation’s third ranked scoring defense will have to carry the load with schizophrenic offense

5. Wisconsin -They have “Bomentum” now

6. tie Penn State -shouldn’t put on dancing shoes just yet, but can slip on the dancing socks at least for now, – They continue to make their case of being Tourney worthy

Ohio St. -Who is Jon Diebler…the white Glen Rice?
-Evan Turner is the most talented player in the conference. Sorry Manny Harris.

8. Tie Northwestern – Back to reality after flirting with being a bubble team.
-Imagine what they could do if they add any decent big men, semblance of rebounding?

Michigan -Will need to run table in Indy to end decade long tourney drought
-5-1 odds they win the NIT

10. Iowa – Think Jess Settles can get an 8th year of college eligibility?
-Can they have a game with the score in the 60s, for once..please!

11. Indiana -basketball version of the Texas St. Armadillos in 1992 film “necessary roughness”
Lost 14 of their last 15… Hey Tom, Marquette is a half-game out of first in the Big East. PUT THE MATCHES AND GASOLINE DOWN, TOM!!!!

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  1. Peter Christian says

    Love the Tom Crean lighting himself on fire reference…

  2. totally ripped that from you… I can give credit where credit is deserved…

    SHOCKING that Paul left out my one-liner about Illinois… “33 points against Penn State? REALLY???”

  3. Peter Christian says

    Do you think that every lighter in the Crean household has an audio recording hooked up to it that plays “It’s Indiana. IT’S INDIANA!!!” when he tries to strike the flame?

  4. Illinois only scored 33 pts in a game last week??!!! REALLY? NO SHIT?! REALLY.
    How come I didn’t get a dozen texts from people following the conclusion of today’s Illini game?

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