A-Rod or A-Roid: a fraud?


By Soxman

Baseball’s best should officially earmark history Is it just me or are you beginning to feel like there may not be a Santa Claus or that professional wrestling might be fake?

For this baseball fan, Alex Rodriguez’s admission to using performance enhancing drugs put every truth in doubt. I remember that when Barry Bonds’ HR records were officially tarnished, sports reporters around the world then appointed Alex Rodriguez as the “savior of the modern era.”  Simply, all believed that when he caught Barry Bonds’ all-time HR record, the legitimacy of baseball these past 12 years would be saved.
Sure, he admitted it…after he was caught!  However, if he was truly an honest person, wouldn’t A-Rod have come clean immediately when people turned to him as the symbol of honesty in America’s pastime?
A-Rod blamed himself and the $252 million contract he signed with the Rangers in 2001 for his decision to use illegal substances.

“I felt a tremendous pressure to play, and play really well” in Texas, Rodriguez said in an interview with ESPN’s Peter Gammons. “I had just signed this enormous contract … I felt like I needed something, a push, without over-investigating what I was taking, to get me to the next level.”

Analysis: You had $252 million reasons to cheat.

In the interview, Rodriguez also said MLB told him in August or September 2004 about the list of names that had been seized by federal investigators. “He said there’s a government list. There’s 104 players in it. You might or might not have tested positive,” he said.

Translation: a sigh of relief that he wasn’t caught.

So now what?  Of course, our undying thirst and curiosity to see the gruesome death of the once mighty Gladiator intensifies.  The soap opera element of this sport intensifies and we turn our attention to the other 103 names on the government list.  Who were they?  Was my favorite player on the list?  Where any White Sox players dirty?

Admit it, sports fans thrive on this National Enquirer type of drama.  Who falls from grace next is no different then America’s fascination with watching Britney Spears shave her head out of mental anguish or Miley Cyrus go from child role model to…whatever she’s becoming these days?

Call me delusional and perhaps just exhausted, but I’m ready for this whole thing to just go away.  The record books of our generation have been forever tarnished and there’s nothing we can do to change the past.  Move on.  We can only learn for the future.

A little advice to A-Rod.  If you are truly sorry for your mistakes, truly do something about it and stop making it all about you.

Simply, it is too early to defend your right to be in the Hall of Fame.  Let your actions and play from this moment forward truly define you.While many will argue that you may or may not have been dirty longer than you admitted, offer to have your “dirty years” removed from the record books.  You said it yourself.  You are still a Hall of Famer without them.
(for stat geeks: From 2001-2003 A-Rod averaged .305, 52 HR, and a .615 slugging percentage per season.  For the rest of his career, .309, 39 HR, .574).

Or, rid yourself of the demons.  Donate all, or a portion of your salary from those “tainted years” to the development of a comprehensive education program for children on the dangers of performance enhancing drugs in sports or other charities aimed at honoring youth integrity and honesty.

To the 103 other players on the list or anyone else who cheated in the past:
Do something original and consider telling the truth.

To MLB, Congress, and everyone else obsessed with the Steroid Era:

We know the decade is tarnished and out of fairness to those who were clean, do not eliminate the record books.  However, earmark it accordingly.

If the number 61* can be earmarked forever because it was achieved by honestly and cleanly playing a few more games, then this era is worthy of distinction as well.

As a final thought:

Among all of the steroid allegations and players who were caught over the past several years, isn’t it a real shame that (regardless of his motivation) the symbol of honesty in America’s pastime is none other than Jose Canseco?

I still believe in this game.

Santa I’m hoping you will get me a new utility belt this year for Christmas.


  1. Peter Christian says

    Funniest thing I’ve heard all week:

    I asked a buddy which member of the White Sox is the most likely to test positive for PED’s, to which he replied:

    Ozzie Guillen

  2. LOL! true…..it certainly isnt Brian Anderson. if that guy’s doing them, get your money back, becuase no performances have been enhanced

  3. Soxman, you’re forgetting that everything was so “loosey-goosey” in that era… “loosey-goosey” might be my new favorite phrase

  4. Of everything I’ve read, this is by far the BEST take on the entire situation. Great take and honestly something that I think most baseball fans can say “yes” to. First time visitor.

  5. One of your best pieces yet soxman! Why didn’t the Red Eye run this?

    Whats with all of the adds placed in every paragraph of your article..geez!

  6. Awesome write-up and great content.

    Have to agree with Rocks though..I get it you want me to buy Sox stuff! I don’t need to be hit with the ad every other sentance. Has soxman gone commercial?

  7. This honestly is the best piece of seen on the whole situation and should be nominated for an award.

  8. Really good stuff. I love it how people lied to themselves after they were caught. Like Bonds he had th skill to have a HOV career without the juice. Can’t wait to see you this summer Soxman.

  9. Agree with everything besides the * Markers like his have no place in the record books including the Maris HR total.

    You are an excellent writer. Creative and informative. Soxman and the Call-outs are my favorite pieces on the Sportsbank.

  10. The sportsbank\Soxman is one site that I’ve been allowed to keep on my blackberry. Soxman, I missed you at the inauguration.

    I’d like you to lead my taskforce on ethics in sports…after I handle this economy thing.

  11. Excellent piece. A++++++++

  12. LOL! you guys dont like the ads? the whopping 3 whole small promos I put in there? Ha ha..I gotta pay Soxman’s salary and the site hosting fees some may?

    I see Obama is posting here and keeping the sports bank in his blackberry! sweet. Good to have you here sir…maybe you can throw some of that econ stimulus package this way

  13. Awesome.

  14. If Obama invests some Federal money in TSB to create jobs, I wont need to include advertisements anymore

  15. Ko’d Konerko says

    Truly an impressive article. You made some very good points and keep readers engaged through the entire thing despite the commercial breaks…LOL

  16. Bruce Weber says

    I love you Soxman! I still have a scholarship to give. its yours if you want it

  17. Peter Christian says

    Wait… Soxman’s salary???

  18. Yes Pete, I know your salary contract makes you arbitration eligible this offseason. Your Call-outs got some props in this comment string, even despite your “obvious East Coast bias”

  19. Sox gal holla says

    Pitchers and catchers report soon! Soxman I’d catch for you anytime. Yummy.

  20. Soxtober Kid says

    This truly is one of the greatest articles I’ve read on this topic. All of the other sports writers just don’t seem to get it. Soxman that’s what we love about you. You get it and help everyone else undertand it.

    High five to you bro.

  21. Soxman, the only thing missing from his article was a picture of your sexy ass. Miss you honey and can’t wait to see you on opening day. Love ya!

    Screw A-rod. Like you said in this AWARD worthy piece, its time to move forward. The baby says he did a bad thing and then defends his right to be in the Hall of Fame.

  22. A-Rod’s numbers shouldn’t count for anything. I feel like he cheated me out of the game.

    Soxman you are right on the money. It’s been a pleasure knowing you since the 2005 WS.

  23. Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmiero and Mark McGwire says

    Thanks A-Rod!!! Now we all have legit reasons to campaign for Hall of Fame plaques!!!

    We are currently proposing that we will simply refer to the 1985-2003 era as the “Black Cloud Era”

    Any player in the hall of fame that played during that era will always have a cloud of suspicion hanging over them thanks to us. Do you want in? We’re hoping we get our own wing in Cooperstown.

  24. Wow we’re getting so many famous people commenting here now…The comment threads have juice

  25. Heck I’m just happy to ride in Soxman’s wake. The dude is coolness defined and is known as a nice guy in Houston.

    He’s a role model for players to follow with his attitude towards fans.

  26. Peter Christian says

    Oh and thanks for the love Jackie!!!

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