Top Reasons Why You Need to Get Amazon AWS Certified Now


Getting a certification is indeed life-changing. However, the impact largely depends on what credential you obtain and the provider behind your accreditation. Often than not, badges from less reputable organizations don’t provide impressive benefits to your career. That is why it is very important to choose a certification that will not just prove your skills but also be your stepping stone to success. And only a few certification providers can transform you completely into a proficient and in-demand specialist.  

Amazon’s Own Certification Line-up 

There’s more to Amazon than its global online shopping platform. It extends to an inclusive pool of cloud services that are pertinent to working specialists and businesses around the world. These include their first-rate certification program offered through their Amazon Web Services (AWS). Though not as grand as other certification bodies, Amazon ensures excellence in all its credential exams. To help you decide wisely, here are the top reasons why you should prove your cloud expertise with an Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Test . 

  • It proves your technical prowess in cloud features and functions. 

One of the main reasons why you should get certified is that you want to prove your skills. The same goes for earning an AWS certification. AWS offers an impressive range of learning paths, which include its role-based credentials. These badges are essentially more functional than technology-centered ones because they feature a more realistic exam content. Thus, by completing various AWS certification tests, you substantiate not just your knowledge but also your technical ability in a specific cloud job role. And this is a key factor among employers when picking the right candidate. With that, this leads to the next certification benefit Click . 

  • It makes you a standout when applying for a job. 

AWS credentials are reputable validations of your cloud expertise. They are widely known in the IT certification industry because of their recognition in many tech companies and organizations. So, when applying for a job, your AWS credential can be your secret tool to success! In general, employers prioritize those candidates with certifications, much more if your badge is from an international name like Amazon. Surely, this gives you a better chance of clinching the job you’ve always wanted Certbolt Here . 

  • It helps you move to the next level of your career with an increased income. 

Eyeing for a job promotion? Showcase your relevance by completing a professional-level AWS certification. Earning an advanced credential is such a strategic and effective way to work your way to the top of the corporate ladder. Employers do know that obtaining a badge is no easy path. Therefore, if you partner your in-depth work experience with an advanced AWS certification, you’ve got a higher probability of defeating other candidates in job interviews! And for this reason, recruiters will be willing to pay you more. For example ExamLabs Website , the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge can get you $128k yearly whereas with the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer your annual income will be $122k, as claims. 

  • It comes with a variety of technical job roles.  

With the AWS certification program, you are not restricted to just one technical area. There are several role-based AWS credentials to choose from, which are categorized according to the level of your knowledge and years of experience. It starts with the foundational level, then carries on to the associate and professional levels. They also have specialty badges that support your preferred cloud domain.  

  • It provides you with relevant and up-to-date insights. 

Another reason why AWS certifications are always in-demand is because of their updated coverage. This means that you stay current with the latest cloud technologies that are pertinent to your career growth and business development.  

  • It welcomes you to the AWS Certified Global Community. 

Certifications are not just meant to endorse your skills. They open up a whole new world of expanding your network. And by successfully completing an AWS badge, you become part of the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community. This online platform is an excellent way to grow your professional reach and meet new peers with the same career intentions.  

  • It awards you with a digital badge.  

As more and more companies and organizations expand their network virtually, it’s easy to make your mark online with your AWS digital badge. AWS credential passers are awarded digital badges that you can add to your social media sites. You can even incorporate this coveted Amazon stamp of approval into your email signatures!  

  • It provides you with access to official AWS Certified merchandise and many AWS events. 

AWS wants to make sure every AWS certified specialist gets the best of both worlds. So, aside from the recognition you get from your employer, they also prepare a regional event to acknowledge your efforts. Through AWS Certification Appreciation Reception, you can receive invites and attend exclusive AWS events. Your certification also gives access to the AWS Certified Store, which rewards you with official AWS gears and items visit . 

  • It offers you exam discount vouchers. 

If you think that’s all, you got it wrong! If you avail at least one of AWS certifications, you can enjoy an exam discount on your recertification or another AWS assessment. And surprisingly, the discount is not a petty amount; it’s actually 50% of the test fee! So if you want to get your money’s worth, an AWS credential is definitely commendable.  

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As a market leader in key cloud services, AWS helps you materialize your career goals efficiently. Therefore, if you decide to get an AWS certification, you partner yourself with a global name that tops the rank in offering cost-effective and excellent cloud services. Above all, earning an AWS credential means that you are more than ready to take your profession to the next level. So, if you want a quality investment of your time and money, you won’t get wrong with the AWS certification line-up! Start pursuing your badge now and enjoy all the AWS benefits you can get later. 

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