Cubs Carlos Zambrano to Marlins: MOST ANNOYING PLAYER EVER IS GONE!

Now that the Cubs have sent Carlos Zambrano packing to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Chris Volstad, with the Cubs eating the majority of the contract. I felt it was time to re-publish something from Aug 13th on Big Z.



Mind-numbing futility and abject failure is so commonplace to Chicago baseball that making fun of it isn’t even worth doing anymore. It’s become so routine: seeing small market teams with payroll half the size of the Cubs and White Sox, yet beating both of them down and passing them over in the Central divisions.

It’s old hat. Just like the stories about White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen having a tirade, straining his relationship with GM Kenny Williams, and his firing being inevitable. Every time I hear these stories I just yawn.

But even more tired, predictable and cliche are Carlos Zambrano fits and the what-did-he-do-this-time rants.


Please be gone for good this time Zambrano. Really, you have the temper of a four year old, and your act is so annoying and over-done, just take your $18 million and go home for good.

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Cubs Place Zambrano on MLB’s “Disqualified List”


The Chicago Cubs have placed Carlos Zambrano on something called the disqualified list today; effective immediately.

What is the DQ list?

The disqualified list includes a period of 30 days without pay and no activity with the ball club. During this time, Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association will discuss recent statements attributed to Zambrano regarding his baseball future.

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