What Will Notre Dame Tragedy Cost the School? Who Will Get Fired?


At the end of the day Friday, Notre Dame released a public statement that was both surprising and expected at the same time. When you have terrible news to disseminate to the public, you always do it at 5pm on a Friday; it’s a cardinal rule of media relations. And as expected, ND admitted fault in the tragic death of student videographer Declan Sullivan. What was somewhat unexpected though was the vote of confidence to Head Coach Brian Kelly.

On the other hand, if ND is going to let Kelly go over this, it’s more advantageous to do it after the season instead of during the midst of it.

One thing’s for sure, after the investigation completes, the school could be paying out millions of dollars in damages, and people high up within college football’s most visible program, including Kelly and perhaps even Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick, could pay with their jobs.

By Paul M. Banks

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