#38 Tennessee Volunteers: College Football 77 in 77

tennessee volunteer cheerleaders

Is there any team in the country that benefits more from a more doable schedule than the Tennessee Volunteers? Not that their SEC schedule is forgiving, but this year they get Miss St. and Mizzou instead of LSU and Alabama. That’s right, the toughest two teams in all of college football are replaced by one mediocre and one decent team.

Now if only the Vols can establish the run and augment their defense offense to complement the NFL arm and high attack passing game of QB Tyler Bray. They also have the best receivers in the SEC, so expect them to be fun to watch, to say the least.

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#2 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Tennessee Volunteers: Brutally Honest Game Preview

You can argue that any of these three teams (LSU Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners and Alabama Crimson Tide) are the true kings of college football. Each of them have a legit case to be #1. The Oklahoma State Cowboys, Wisconsin Badgers and Boise State Broncos belong in the discussion too. Don’t forget about the Stanford Cardinal either.

My choice in the preseason remains the same today- ‘Bama. They have the most pure talent of anyone, and that is an NFL defense they have. The Tide could probably do a much better job than the New England Patriots in opponents pass yards per game. You could just say I have a man-crush on this entire team.

If that’s possible. I think it is.

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#40 Tennessee Volunteers: College Football 77 in 77


Have you ever heard the classic country tune “red necks, white socks and blue ribbon beer?” I wish it was about by hometown White Sox. Cuz when I’m at games I certainly see lots of red necks, who’s taste in beer is blue ribbon or below. But nonetheless Knoxville, TN is a town with lots of blue collar jobs and love for country music.

But the Tennessee Volunteers play “white collar football.”

I figured since everyone calls run-oriented teams “blue-collar” (yes, it is an annoying cliche) I would call pass-oriented teams “white collar.” And the Volunteers were last in the SEC in rushing, and 8th in conference against the run. However, 30th in the nation at over 250 ypg passing, that’s white collar enough for me.

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