Detroit and Washington: Aficionados of the Two Point Conversion

Fans watch the NFL to see football played at the highest level in the world. Granted, only 42,329 attended the tilt between the Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions on Sunday, but they came for the aforementioned reason nonetheless.

Calvin Johnson showed tremendous athleticism and Matthew Stafford made a triumphant return to Ford Field. Jim Schwartz and Mike Shanahan took a page out of Bret Bielema’s book though during the fourth quarter. Each team was unsuccessful in their quest to outsmart their opponents with two point conversions.

The fourth quarter is the only time to even consider such a play after a touchdown is scored. It has seemed that this play is being attempted too often in recent years. Bielema recently attempted a two point conversion toward the conclusion of a game between the Wisconsin Badgers and Minnesota Golden Gophers. His reasoning for this decision is because his card told him to do so. Former Gopher head coach Tim Brewster was not satisfied with this response and neither is this blogger.

By Patrick Herbert

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