Blackhawks Big 2 (Kane, Toews) Control Game 2


It was the Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane show during the Chicago Blackhawks 4-2 game 2 victory at San Jose. The Hawks’ two most iconic players zipped around the ice in Silicon Valley like an Intel core i7 processor. And pretty soon, they could make the San Jose Sharks as outdated and useless as a 286 CPU. (Apologies for the tech nerd metaphors, hey, when in San Jose). Two is indeed a magic number, as Chicago has two down, and two to go to reach their first Stanley Cup Final since ’92. The big two, and their coach, the Q Stache had a lot to say about last nights game 2 victory

–Paul M. Banks

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The Call Outs

Dwight Howard, MVP? Ummm, No.

by Peter Christian

Yes, you read that headline correctly, the Call Outs are back! The triumphant return of my column could not have come at a better time. While the Call Outs were on vacation there were more than a few major injustices that will, luckily for them, go unmentioned. But the silence can go on no longer. The latest event of sports idiocy was even something we all saw coming, yet when it actually happened, we were even more as shocked and appalled than we anticipated we would be. Still there were 7 idiots who voted for someone OTHER than LeBron James as the 2009-10 NBA MVP. That leads off our list after the jump.

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