Twins Should Trade Michael Cuddyer

The trade deadline is fast approaching in Major League Baseball. It is a unique season, so the date is largely ignored due to the NFL free agent comings and goings. Twins General Manager Bill Smith has some tough decisions to make. The team is on the borderline of heading into contention for the stretch run or on the cusp of faltering into the depths of the cellar in the division.

This is the type of decision that he can make from watching the club on a daily basis and getting a feel for which direction they are headed. I think that he should choose to sell at this juncture. Michael Cuddyer is a solid and versatile player. He has been the rock of the club this season with a myriad of injuries affecting almost every aspect of the roster. This is why he is valuable to all the other squads looking to add a complete player for the late summer push.

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Grading Target Field- Home of the Twins

From the second you got inside Gate 29 (Rod Carew’s gate), it was heavenly.

Perhaps it’s the years and years without outdoor baseball, the stuffy and plain hallways of the Metrodome, or the light green surface they try to pass off as grass. Whatever it is, for Minnesota, this stadium is special, and the Metrodome and those terrible features of it, is a distant memory.

But nothing is above criticism, and the trip to Target Field is no exception.  The new home of the Twins had it’s ups and downs on this day, so let’s find out exactly what they were with the grades of Downtown Minneapolis’ 40,000 seat palace.

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Minnesota Twins Season Preview

Last season, I know first hand what Target Field did for Minnesota Twins fans. Sure, it gave us one of, if not the league’s best stadium. But it gave us false hope. It made us Twins fans think that without an ace and a lineup filled with major holes, we still had a chance to compete with the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays.

Well, if the AL Divisional Series was any indication, the Twins are nowhere close to where they need to be if they do in fact hope to make a run at the AL pennant this season.

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Minnesota Twins Limp Into the Postseason: Literally

The Minnesota Twins open up postseason play vs. the New York Yankees Wednesday evening at Target Field. Francisco Liriano will take the mound at 7:37 p.m. Central. This is wonderful news considering all of the injuries that have plagued the ball club this season. The absences of Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan for large portions of the schedule have been detrimental to the team’s ability to put out its top line-up on a daily basis.

The former took batting practice on September 3oth and was possibly thought to be available should the club advance the league championship series. Then, came the news today, that he’s out for the entire postseason. No matter what

The latter has no chance of taking the ball for the foreseeable future.

By Patrick Herbert

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Are the Stars Aligning for the Minnesota Twins?

Minnesota Twins stars 

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Kevin Slowey, Twins come up short in Opener of Rivalry Series

kevin slowey

A six run inning, 10 hits with two outs, six for 14 with runners in scoring position and three relievers combining for five innings, three hits and zero runs.

Most MLB teams would take every one of those stats in a heartbeat. For the Minnesota Twins last night, all of it still resulted in a loss to the Chicago White Sox—a very tough loss at that. The Twins have added a lot of digits to the “L” column over the past month. To be exact: 19 losses in the last 31 games.

As Thursday night’s game was ready to begin and the Twins starting pitcher Kevin Slowey threw his final warm-up tosses, the Target Field PA system blared the aptly titled “Slow Ride” by Foghat. The team and Slowey alike were hoping that his mound performance would be, like the song, a classic.

By Peter Christian

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Jim Thome Wins AL Player of the Week

Jim Thome

The man that has hit more home runs against the Minnesota Twins than any player in the history of baseball is making Twins fans forget all 57 jacks he clubbed against his current team. [Read more…]

2010 Minnesota Twins Season Preview

By Mike Gallagher

What an offseason.

Orlando Hudson, Jim Thome, and the best field in Major League Baseball have all arrived in the Twin Cities.   [Read more…]

Mauer Signs With Twins for Eight Years, $184 Million

By Mike Gallagher

It’s been rumored for months and months and has been the talk of the offseason here in Twins territory.  But it’s finally official. [Read more…]

Minnesota Twins: Target Field and the Six Million Dollar Man


By David Palmer

As the workers put the final steel beam into place on the Twins new ballpark last weekend, the team was capping off a 10 inning win against the Mariners.  It signified a new leaf being turned over for both: the final piece of infrastructure for Target Field, and an important ROAD win to pull the club back to .500, and to within 1.5 games of first in the AL Central.

Unfortunately, that high didn’t last long, they decided to go ahead and lose the next three games.  I hope this doesn’t mean that Target Field is going to collapse also.  We are now 4 games out of first, but still in second place.  Playing in a crappy division has its perks, but right now Detroit has been the cream of the crap.

Last weekend’s series against Seattle started a 10 game, three city roadie that ends with a trip to Loserville (Wrigley Field).  This is important because we have the second worst road record in the majors, just behind the Nats.  Being four games out, also means we have to start actually trying to win games on the road, as opposed to just getting away from the wife and kids for a few days.  Right now we are at 21-12 at home, but 7-19 on the road.  I have never seen a bigger discrepancy between home and road records.  Did they scrap the charter flight for a Bull Durham type bus?  Nuke LaLoosh apparently didn’t come with it either.


Michael Cuddyer came back from his 47th finger injury of his career on Saturday.  I’m sure glad that injury could cool off his surprisingly hot bat before that.  This also seems to be Cuddyer in a nutshell: slow start, get hot for a week or two, injure his fingers, come back, suck for about a month, have a feature in the paper about “getting his hands back,” start swinging ok, jam a different finger, day-to-day for a week, suck for the rest of the season.  He seriously needs to start looking into bionic hands this offseason.  I’m not kidding, check this out.  He could use the “power grip” and maybe get a few more balls over the fence.  Interestingly, he is making roughly six million dollars this season.  Coincidence, I think not.

Nick Punto Update:  Good news!  His batting average can’t get any worse than its current .187 since he was placed on the DL on May 28th with a right groin strain. It must have been all that hustling out of the box to avoid double plays.  Good to hear his left groin didn’t sustain any damage though.  I was also unaware of contagiousness of groin pulls in the Twin Cities region.  The Wild’s Marion Gaborik is becoming like the monkey in Outbreak.  All groin pulls lead back to him.  If you are a fledgling groin specialist I suggest Minneapolis as your destination for a new practice.

Now is the time of year I wish we could watch some outdoor baseball already.  Reports of Target Field’s new Budweiser Roof Deck has me as giddy as a little schoolgirl.  The ‘Dome has a Miller sponsorship right now bud-deckand are readily dumping them in favor of Anheuser-Busch starting next season.  This sounds like a direct eff-you to Miller Park and the Brewers, and can only fuel their burgeoning rivalry.  The roof deck features 150 bleacher seats plus standing room.  It’s complete with a large bar, a fire pit, and a lot of sweet Budweiser signs.  I am picturing myself falling into the fire or off the roof after about 5 hours of solid drinking, and I can’t wait.

Obviously, if we can’t start winning games on the road we are in serious trouble.  We need to stop pressing so much and have Crash Davis get us a rainout.

Minnesota Minutes

By Andy Weise

-Good ole Peter King is stirring the pot once again in Minnesota after his recent interview on PTI suggesting that if Brett Favre were to return another season in the NFL, he’d want to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Cue up the endless amounts of speculation and most likely another set of tampering suspicions that the Vikings organization will endure if Favre actually does end up here in Minnesota. I’ve always said from day one, he can play for Minnesota for a year – that will be fine with me as I just want to see the expression on the face of Packers fans when their hero runs out wearing white, purple and gold.

-The Minnesota Twins are pushing the debut of more commercials this year focusing on the marketing of Target Field, the new home of the Twins that will open a year from now. I’m curious if the money that no longer goes to the payroll of the players is going to this product rollout. After trading Johan Santana and letting Torii Hunter walk a year ago, the Twins have given raises to Joe Nathan, Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer. Jason Kubel got a recent bump, but the team is still well below the 2007 payroll. I’m rooting for the Twins to actually step up and make an offer to free agent third basemen Joe Crede, come on Billy Smith.

-When the Gophers ended that terrible streak against Illinois, I had a couple of text messages waiting in my outgoing box for the last; let’s just say it’s been awhile since Minnesota beat those guys. I’m heading to a classic match-up of high school b-ball on Tuesday when Robbinsdale Cooper faces off with Hopkins. It’s a match-up featuring Rodney Williams (4-star Gophers’ recruit from Cooper) against his best friend Royce White (5-star Gophers’ recruit out of Hopkins). Hopkins features a team with at least five future division 1 players and could probably beat a lot of D1 college teams right now. Hopefully White and Williams do not disappoint.

-Kevin McHale got a standing ovation as he entered the floor of the new Boston Garden when the Timberwolves faced the Celtics on Sunday. Now as I saw the replay of the standing ovation I thought: Are they cheering for him because of his playing days in Boston? Surely he was a great player, but then I reminded myself – “Well he did give Boston another title last year.” Not only did he trade Kevin Garnett to Boston but he also traded them Wally Sczerbiak a year and a half prior. Wally ended up landing them Ray Allen. The Wolves have done well as of late, but they still need to add better defensive players at the point guard and center position. With multiple picks coming this offseason, they could land Hasheem Thabeet and one of many point guards available.

-One rumor that won’t go away? Flip Saunders will return to coach the Timberwolves in 2009 when Fred Hoiberg takes over the Vice President of Basketball Operations position. Flip is still sitting at home collecting money from the Detroit Pistons and will definitely be a candidate for multiple openings next year. While McHale has certainly improved the team over his second run as coach, McHale dislikes the travel from his many years as a player and in the end, and that will be enough for McHale to decide he’s had enough. I hope he does go out on a positive note though. He was tremendous during his playing career at the University of Minnesota and he did have some success during the Kevin Garnett era. But most would agree that his stay has been extended too long.