Ohio State’s New Breast Center Honors Chris Spielman’s Late Wife

Current ESPN radio college football broadcaster and Ohio State All-American LB Chris Spielman was in Columbus today to see the breast center at the Ohio State University named after his late wife, Stefanie, who raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research before losing her battle against cancer in 2009.

University President (for now, see how long he lasts after the next athletic department scandal breaks) Gordon Gee announced the naming of The Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, the only one of its kind in the Midwest to offer the full continuum of breast cancer care, from prevention and screening through detection, diagnosis and treatment.

As this is national breast cancer awareness month, the opening of the center brings some much needed good news to OSU.

To learn more, give to the fund go here

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Join Chris Spielman, & his Family in the Fight Against Cancer

spielman fund

As upset as I get when the Chicago White Sox lose to the Minnesota Twins, or as “Earth-shattering” as this summer’s NBA free agent news seemed the moment it became public knowledge, I have perspective. I know that what I observe, analyze and then publish about every day is a matter of win or lose, not life or death.

The sports world is filled with people who have perspective- like Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman. Stan and I have both fought and conquered Hodgkin’s disease- twice. And in a remarkable instance of coincidence, I received my own stem cell transplant, 6 years to the exact date of Bowman’s. Since 2003, I have been in remission and living healthy enough to even swim in the Triathlon last summer. I actually met Bowman in a cancer survivor/patient support group before I started covering his team.

Saturday night, I met another famous sports figure, Ohio State legend Chris Spielman, whose life has unfortunately also been shaped by this monstrous illness. On the night of his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, I spoke with Spielman about the Stefanie Spielman Fund.

By Paul M. Banks

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