Detroit Tigers Hurt by Weather, Better Luck in ALCS Game 2

The Detroit Tigers have lost one game in the American League Championship Series thus far to the Texas Rangers. The weather has helped the Rangers and definitely has damaged the chances of the Tigers. This is due to the superior starters of Detroit. The greatness of Justin Verlander was neutralized in game one because he was only able to go four innings and toss eighty two pitches. This man has a chance to win the most valuable player award, but he was limited to about two thirds of his production.

It is ridiculous that Commissioner Bud Selig had the final decision on the multiple delays in game one that totaled nearly two hours. It substantially favors the Rangers because the hitters can still perform easily upon return with limited warm-up. When the pitchers come back from being cold, they use some of the arsenal meant for the game because there are only a certain amount of pitches possible for them-in game play or warming up.

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Brewers Prove Small Ball Holds Key to Contention

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ken Macha told reporters prior to the start of the season that they could expect to see more small ball, more manufactured runs.  So throughout the Brewers’ first five losses this season, fans were a little baffled as they watched the Crew try to punch more out of the park to win games, largely without success. [Read more…]