Catching up with Mr. Cub Ernie Banks

ernie banks

It’s true what they say about Mr. Cub Ernie Banks- indeed he really is that charming. 80 years young, and still the heart and soul of the Chicago Cubs franchise. He was on hand yesterday for the unveiling of the new State of Illinois Cubs license plate, just the second of its kind in the Land of Lincoln. (The Blackhawks had the first) And he told the story of how his “Mr. Cub” vanity license plate allowed everyone to keep tabs on him in Chi city.

“I’m better now, but when I had it before I would get it the next day. People would call Wrigley Field and say Ernie was over here, and I thought God, I need to take these plates off. But it gave me a lot of recognition around the city and it was nice. Now I’m more used to it, and I’ll be enjoying it, because we’re going to be winning,” Banks said.

By Paul M. Banks

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