NBA Finals: My NBA Finals Christmas List

OKC v. Miami

With the NBA Finals tipping-off in a little over seven hours, I have made a list of 10 things that I am hoping to see from the Finals this year. I know making a list sounds silly and I probably won’t get half of what I put on my list (happens to me every Christmas). But here is a short story: Two years ago, I made a Christmas list of 10 things, roughly, that I wanted. Some of the things were simple items like: a gas card, socks, shorts, and headphones. The other part of the list consisted of some bigger items: groceries (I am a college kid), money, and I think I wrote down something outrageous, like a new laptop. OK. I am getting side-tracked. Here’s my list:

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San Antonio Mayor returns fire on Charles Barkley (video)


You heard all the critical things Charles Barkley had to say about the city of San Antonio, its culture and and its women. Some of which were pretty funny.

Now the NBA analyst has seen not-so-friendly fire returned on him by the city’s mayor Julian Castro. The video that follows gets plenty of digs in without becoming too harsh. Castro still stays light-hearted, but gets plenty of shots in. It almost makes you want to root for the Spurs.

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