Safeco Field Road Trip Photo Essay


By Paul M. Banks

For the first decade or so of their existence, the Seattle Mariners were one of MLB‘s biggest laughingstocks. But starting in the late 1990s, they became a significant player in the national baseball landscape. As a franchise, they still haven’t won anything substantial. (Not even a pennant in their 33 years of existence). But when touring the Hall of Fame at Safeco Field, you can see the myriad of contributions they’ve made to recent baseball history.

You can start with one of my favorite players as a seven-year-old: former Mariners hurler Mark Langston. In the ’80s he perfected the wild, hippy hair underneath the baseball cap look. Today, it’s synonymous with Mitch Kramer, the main character in “Dazed and Confused” or San Francisco ace Tim Lincecum. But Langston was the originator.

By Paul M. Banks

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