Rutgers firing of Mike Rice gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment (video)


Rutgers, welcome to the Big Ten!

These videos are always entertaining. Especially when they involve a big story like Rutgers firing college basketball coach Mike Rice. And especially so when it’s a big story that I was of course aware of, but just way too caught up in writing other stuff. And then when you have the time to write it, everyone else has already done the Rutgers Mike Rice story, because it’s a 24-7 news cycle we live in now.

Mike Rice was a well deserved firing. Even though Rutgers really dragged their ass on this one. Rutgers finally fired Mike Rice Wednesday after a videotape showing him shoving, grabbing and throwing balls at players and using anti-gay slurs during practice aired on ESPN.

The video, broadcast Tuesday on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, led to harsh criticism from both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Lebron James. Rutgers is the state University of New Jersey and Lebron James is the best current NBA player.

With increasing pressure on both a state and national level, Rutgers terminated Rice after three disappointing seasons. Rice apologized for his actions (with a lot of fake tears) at a news conference outside of his house.

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Rutgers officially joining Big Ten

rutgers dance team

The Communist Party will have nothing on the Big Ten when it comes to the color red. Rutgers and Maryland joins Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Indiana, meaning it’s the primary color for six of the league’s eight teams.

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#39 Rutgers Scarlet Knights: College Football 77 in 77

jersey shore

There’s a flood watch in effect on the Jersey shore. Kyle Flood takes over the Scarlet Knights football program at Rutgers, the state school of New Jersey. Can he succeed where Greg Schiano failed, and win the Big East? Is Rutgers a true Big East contender?

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2012 NFL Draft – Top Pass Catchers

Wide Receivers

1. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State (6-1, 207): Blackmon is an extremely strong player who is aggressive at when the ball is in the air. [Read more…]

UConn and Rutgers in ACC: What a Monster Basketball Conference

uconn huskies cheerleader

Syracuse and Pittsburgh are on their way to the ACC, meaning they’re jumping from one abysmal college football conference (Big East) to one very mediocre college football conference. They’re also leaving the hoops super-conference (which looks like it’s about to implode) to what will be far and away the strongest hoops conference in the nation.

I’m sorry about the headline. Let me clarify.

I mentioned Rutgers as Connecticut’s partner. Every school seems to need a partner to move with; in order to keep the total number of teams in the league even.

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College Football 77 in 77: #63 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

It’s a “Jersey thing” right? I’m SO GLAD the “Jersey Shore” trend is dying out. Haven’t we spent enough time glorifying the lowest elements of our society? I bet the fan base, faculty, students and alumni of New Jersey’s state University hate those guidoes and guidettes besmirching the state’s name too.

Imagine if you’re from Jersey, and when you travel, people ask you where you’re from, what likely gets said first?

Putty from “Seinfeld” was a much better cultural ambassador. He loved his hockey as much as he loved talking in 5 words or less increments: “WE’RE THE DEVILS!”

As for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights themselves, last year was a big step backward, as they missed a bowl game for the first time in six years. In the past decade, this college football program has taken a leap. To show that the change is here to stay, they’ll need to bounce back to a bowl in 2011. If the nation’s worst offensive line shows any substantial improvement, and the new stud RB in town is legit, then it could happen. After all, they do play in the Big Least, where wins aren’t all that difficult to come by.

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The Big Ten Passes Logic Course… Maybe

big ten conference

by Peter Christian

If the rumors are true I’m on board. If, in fact, the Big Ten did make offers to Notre Dame, Rutgers, Missouri and Nebraska to leave their current conference posts to join the Big Ten, it is a brilliant idea. Yep, that’s right, brilliant. Now I know that I’ve been steadfastly adamant against Notre Dame joining the Big Ten previously, however, in this case it makes a ton of sense.

Also, I’ll admit, I was probably arguing against Notre Dame joining the conference because I tend to hate them so much. If I can come to grips with my Notre Dame hate, so can you. Especially when you consider the positives of the proposed expansion.

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