Ron Artest Promotes New Single as Lakers Win NBA Title


No one expected Artest to charge in the crowd during the Pacers-Pistons game and start a brawl. No one expected an NBA basketball player to drink Hennessey at halftime of games. If we have learned one thing with Ron Artest, it’s to expect the unexpected.

After the Lakers championship victory, Doris Burke interviewed Ron Artest.

When most players win a championship they like to thank their parents and sometimes even credit God.  Ron Artest certainly isn’t like most people.

By Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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Ron Artest Defends His Pro Tiger Woods Blog Posting


By Paul M. Banks

Right now the anti-Tiger Woods bandwagon is so overcapacity, it’s busted both it’s axles. But there is at least one man out there bucking the trend, and he’s no stranger to polarization himself.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Lakers star forward Ron Artest publicly stood up for Tiger Woods, saying he has made the same kind of mistakes as Tiger in a 500 word blog post. I talked with him about his post on Tuesday night, just before his Lakers won at Chicago 96-87.

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