Early 2011 MLB Attendance Poor; $4 Gas Doesn’t Help

Anyone who watches Sportscenter on a nightly basis can plainly see that attendance is down thus far during the major league baseball season. While it is true that the game does have a few weather obstacles this time of year, this April’s drop off is especially unique. Bud Selig cannot control mother nature or change the dates of the Masters, but he can recommend a few ideas to the owners that could increase their bottom lines until the beginning of June.

Nobody does gimmicks like the minor leagues. Before Memorial Day is when a disproportional amount of promotions and giveaways must occur. The typical fan does not need a hefty incentive to come to the ballpark on a gorgeous day in July when the team is battling against a divisional foe.

He may, however, need his arm twisted to catch a Kansas City Royals game midweek in April. This is when fireworks, contests, and merchandise must come to the forefront.

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