Patriots can be Awesome with W-E-S (Welker) now Returning


Each year, the NFL becomes a more pass-happy league. And the team that dominated the last decade, the New England Patriots, are currently among the most pass-oriented, if not the most pass-oriented team in the league. In order to make their high powered air attack work, the Patriots need wide receiver Wes Welker to be back to his usual self. The fact that he actually played and caught a couple passes in tonight’s exhibition game with Atlanta is a great sign.

In a Week 17 game against the Houston Texans last season, Welker injured his left knee, forcing him to undergo ACL and MCL surgery this offseason. The original timeline for his return was Thanksgiving, but due to rapid advances in medicine, and Welker’s strong work ethic, he’s back now! Apparently, ACL injuries are not as career-threatening as they once were.

To further assess the state of the Patriots‘ passing game, I enlisted the help of New England‘s all-time leader in receptions, 15 year NFL veteran (all with New England) Troy Brown.

I recently had an exclusive with Brown on the day of his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

By Paul M. Banks

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