Green Bay Packers stock sale closes; Illinois accounts for 9% of sales


Two of the Wisconsin’s border states made a huge imprint on the Green Bay Packers latest stock sale. I guess there are many residents disgruntled with the Pack’s two main rivals: the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings.

Wisconsin fans purchased approximately 50 percent of the shares in this sale, by far the most by one state but a lower percentage than in 1997. Illinois and California were next with 8.5 percent apiece, followed by Minnesota and Texas with 5 percent each.

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Green Bay Packers now offering team ownership stock to Canadians


Great news for our friends and readers in the Great White North. Canadian Packer backers just across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Lake Superior who want to buy Green Bay Packers team ownership stock will now get their chance.

On Monday the team cleared Canadian regulatory requirements and is now selling shares. Each share costs $250. In the U.S., there’s also a $25 handling fee. In Canada, the charge is $35.

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Got $250? Green Bay Packers Selling More Ownership Stock Shares


Want to be a balla, shot-calla, 20″ rims on your Impala?

Well I can’t promise you a way to that, but if you go and you have $250 to burn (plus the $25 handling fee) you can become a bonafide NFL owner. That’s right, you’d own a share of the Green Bay Packers, the league’s only publicly traded team.

Other than the juice I listed above, you get voting rights, the chance to attend a shareholder’s meeting, tour the Packers Hall of Fame, and meet team executives.

Of course, these stock shares have no dividend, no ROI, no compounding interest, and no real chance at capital gain as they have no resale value. Yet they’re selling at a rate that would make hotcakes jealous.

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