Some Retro Ryan Grant Helps the Green Bay Packers Move to 13-0







With an easy 46-16 win over the Oakland Raiders, only three games stand between the Green Bay Packers and a perfect regular season. Aaron Rodgers was his brilliant self while amassing 4,000 yards and becoming only the fourth player in NFL history to throw two or more touchdowns in thirteen consecutive games.

In addition to having a lot of success through the air, the Packers actually excelled on the ground against a 28th ranked Raiders run defense.  Ryan Grant ran to the tune of 85 yards on ten carries and scored two touchdowns, an effort which conjures up memories of his breakout 2009 season.

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Packers Defense is the Surprise in a 45-7 Win Over the Vikings







Everyone knew Aaron Rodgers and the offense would have a big game, but it was the Green Bay Packers’ defense and special teams who stole the show this Monday Night.

Coming into the game, the undefeated Packers (9-0) were allowing 22.4 points per game, but Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings (2-7) came nowhere close to that in a 45-7 loss at Lambeau Field.

Rookie wideout Randall Cobb jump-started the Packers big win with a 80 yard punt return for a touchdown on Green Bay’s first possession. With the score, Cobb became the only rookie in Packers history to return a kick-off and punt for a touchdown in the same season.
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Aaron Rodgers’ Brother Jordan: Starting QB at Vanderbilt

Aaron Rodgers is on his way to having a NFL MVP type season. He’s put up incredible, video game like numbers as his Green Bay Packers are undefeated; and playing with an abandon that makes us believe the Pack could go 16-0. As long as the offense carries the load for the defense, like earlier today in the win over the San Diego Chargers.

His little brother Jordan Rodgers? His season isn’t going quite as well. However, he is a SEC starting signal caller, as he leads the Vanderbilt Commodores.

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Packers Defense is Terrible, But Aaron Rodgers is Not







It’s no secret, the Green Bay Packers defense gives up a lot of points. Their horrendous play was on full display this Sunday, but it didn’t matter because their QB Aaron Rodgers is almost too good to be true.

Rodgers threw for another four touchdowns (24 on the season) to will the Packers to a 45-38 win over the San Diego Chargers. Green Bay remains as the NFL’s lone undefeated team at 8-0 and have scored over 24 points in every single game this season.
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Packers Play Same Ol’ Record in 33-27 Win Over the Vikings (Rapid Reaction)






Nothing could stop the Green Bay Packers offense as they put up 421 yards of offense in a 33-27 win over the lowly Minnesota Vikings.

Like a broken record, Aaron Rodgers was great and the Packers scored a lot of touchdowns in their league-high seventh win. The Packers are now 7-0 for the first time since 1962, a year in which they won their eighth championship.

Rodgers also became the first quarterback in NFL History to record a QB rating of 110 or higher in seven straight games.

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Aaron Rodgers and Packers Put Up College-Like Numbers Against the Broncos







With a 49-23 win over the Denver Broncos (1-3), the Green Bay Packers (4-0) join the Detroit Lions as the only other undefeated team in the NFL. Offensively, the Packers are unstoppable as they’ve averaged a ridiculous 37 points per game on their four game winning streak.

Aaron Rodgers has shown he’s the premiere quarterback in the NFL and a legitimate MVP contender with another near-perfect performance including six total touchdowns.

In many ways, the Packers are putting up college-like numbers, something the Wisconsin Badgers are doing on a regular basis in the very same state.

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Packers Offense Shines in 42-34 Win over the Saints

The Green Bay Packers opened the 2011 season with a 42-34 win over the New Orleans Saints in a game that has fantasy owners jumping with joy.

Aaron Rodgers showed no signs of slowing down from the Super Bowl season as he completed 27 of his 35 passes for 312 yards and three touchdowns.

Highlighting the Packers dominating offense was rookie wideout Randall Cobb who scored a receiving touchdown and also took back a record-tying 108 yard kick-off return for a touchdown.

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Packers Stun Bears En Route to Super Bowl

Similar to the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears ugly match-up in week 17, someone had to win the NFC Championship. After three quarters of stifling defense and a riveting fourth quarter, the Packers edged out the Bears 21-14 to become the second-ever #6 seed to make the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLV will mark the Packers fifth overall appearance in the biggest game of them all. In that game, they will be vying for their fourth Lombardi Trophy.

It may be hard to fathom, but it wasn’t Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews who stole the headlines this Sunday. It was a couple of rookies in CB Sam Shields, P Tim Masthay and second-year DT B.J. Raji who came through in the clutch to send their team to Dallas.

By: Nick Grays

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Ten reasons why it’s great to be a fan of Wisconsin Badger and Green Bay Packer football

By Jake McCormick

It’s a good week to be a fan of Wisconsin professional and collegiate football.

After a year and a half of consistent scrutiny surrounding Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers, the Packers are headed back to the playoffs and are considered one of the hottest teams in the NFL in a wide open race to the Super Bowl. Throw in all the clichés you want here (A dangerous team no division winner wants to face, peaking at the right time, don’t sleep on the Packers, etc.). [Read more…]

Despite play equivalent of pulling teeth, the Packers should get to the playoffs

Packers Wondrous Woodson Football

By Jake McCormick

There is a guaranteed difference in competition levels between the Pro and All-Pro difficulty levels in Madden. Anyone who has ever binged on that game (as I currently am) could tell you blowouts are much more common against a terribly average computer. Thankfully, the real life Green Bay Packers have hit a stretch of games against Pro-level teams that has allowed them to return from the deathly hallows of underachievement.

With that said, it’s hard to believe that the Green Bay Packers have already eclipsed their 2008 win total and occupy a Wild Card spot that is theirs to lose. A couple weeks ago I was about ready to write off their season, and now I’d argue that they are favorites for a playoff spot.

With an offensive line problem that was more rampant than pork barrel spending in Washington, a defense that bought into the 3-4 about as fast as newspapers bought into online news, and a couple of bad losses to Brett Favre, it looked like Skip Bayless, Bill Simmons, and every other bandwagon follower of Saint Vincent were already drowning with the ship.

But each successive week since the loss to Tampa Bay, the Packers have improved their pass protection and tweeked the playbook to account for the holes in the line, have refocused their defense on winning their side of the battle without worrying about personal statistics, and rattled three wins in 12 days.

I would even say that Green Bay got lucky with the timing of the Aaron Kampman and Al Harris injuries because their opponent the following week, the Detroit Lions, allowed the backups to get used to their elevated roles. Now they are in the top Wild Card spot as of today and most of their competition is dealing with even bigger injury and chemistry concerns.

The Atlanta Falcons are hitting a tough ending to their schedule, potentially without quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner. Eli Manning could be out for the rest of the season with a foot injury and the Giants’ defense just plain sucks, especially without Antonio Pierce. The 49ers must play perfect football to even be considered for a playoff spot. Did I mention that the Eagles play all three of the Wild Card outsiders and the NFC East becomes much more incestually competitive over the next few weeks?

Because of the mediocre parity around the NFC, the Packers could very conceivably lose two or three games out of their last five and still make the playoffs. And yes, the losses of Al Harris and Aaron Kampman and the sickeningly bad offensive line have been taken into consideration.

Here are the current NFC standings:

NorthMinnesota Vikings (10-1)
South New Orleans Saints (11-0)
East Dallas Cowboys (8-3)
WestArizona Cardinals (7-4)

Packers Lions FootballWild CardGreen Bay Packers (7-4)

Remaining games: Baltimore, @ Chicago, @ Pittsburgh, Seattle, @ Arizona

Green Bay should beat Chicago and Seattle, and although their schedule looks daunting on paper, Arizona could easily be resting starters the last week of the season and Baltimore and Pittsburgh are good, but dealing with many big issues of their own (Ravens’ pass defense, Steelers’ concussion problems and potentially divided locker room).

Biggest problems: A Swiss cheese-sized hole in the secondary with Al Harris’ season ending knee injury, and replacing OLB Aaron Kampman. This game against the Ravens will be a burden of proof for Tramon Williams, the linebacking corps, and the offensive line.

Prediction down the stretch: 3-2

Wild CardPhiladelphia Eagles (7-4)

Remaining games: @ Atlanta, @ NY Giants, San Francisco, Denver, @ Dallas

Andy Reid owns the Cowboys at the end of regular seasons, San Francisco is 1-4 on the road, and both Atlanta and New York are fading fast. We could be on hand for a couple of very hot Wild Card teams, ladies and gentlemen. However, the Eagles have been less than consistent over the past few weeks.

Biggest problems: Brian Westbrook is pretty much out for the year, but LeSean McCoy has played very well as his replacement. The biggest problem lies in the unknown length of DeSean Jackson’s concussion, but he will be out against the Falcons this weekend.

Prediction down the stretch: 4-1

Still in the hunt:
MattRyanAtlanta Falcons (6-5)

Remaining games: Philadelphia, New Orleans, @ NY Jets, Buffalo, @ Tampa Bay

Biggest problems: Injuries to Matt Ryan and Michael Turner would be like taking Eli Manning out for the Giants and replacing him with David Carr…oh wait. Both players are the motor engine and oil for a working offense in Atlanta, which is not a good situation when the Falcons face the Eagles and Saints back to back.

Prediction down the stretch: 3-2

New York Giants (6-5)

Remaining games: Dallas, Philadelphia, @ Washington, Carolina, @ Minnesota

The Giants are 1-5 in their last six games, and needed overtime to beat Atlanta. The defense’s best performance in that time was surrendering of 21 points in a loss to the Chargers. Their schedule hasn’t been easy, but the Giants have the toughest road to the Wild Card out of any remaining team.

Biggest problems: Eli Manning’s foot injury and the defense is terrible against anything football related. Trust me, I have them in fantasy, and the Bills are scoring higher each week.

Prediction down the stretch: 2-3

San Francisco 49ers (5-6)

Remaining games: @ Seattle, Arizona, @ Philadelphia, Detroit, @ St. Louis

I’m only including the 49ers because this is the NFL; anything can happen. But in all likelihood, their season is done because the Packers hold a tiebreaker and San Francisco won’t win at Philadelphia. They’ll probably win three games, but 8-8 isn’t enough this year.

Biggest problems: A blind monkey in an orange field has a better chance of finding a banana than the Niners do of making the playoffs.

Prediction down the stretch: 3-2

Final Wild Card standings:

x-Eagles 11-5
x-Packers 10-6
Falcons 9-7
Giants 8-8
49ers 8-8

The Packers’ schedule may not look the best on paper, but in reality they have positioned themselves in a place where the control their own destiny and look like they are playing like the team we expected would go to the playoffs.

Green Bay reeks of desperation, an improving defense, and the year 2004


By Jake McCormick

Have you ever been disappointed in a 26-0 shutout before last weekend? Better yet, has the Packer offense ever been the lighter fluid doused on your fires of frustration in those seemingly lopsided wins? Lost in Mike McCarthy’s inept playcalling in the red zone, a broken condom of an offensive line, and a lack of a consistent running game is the fact that the Green Bay defense has quietly made steady improvements and now ranks in the top 10 in the league in many statistical categories. Sure it’s early in the season and the Packers have played a mostly mediocre schedule, but do I need to remind you of last season’s defense under Bob Sanders? More predictable than a James Bond movie.

The Packer defense is currently ranked 10th in points per game (18.6), 8th in yards per game (298), 10th in passing yards per game (192.6), 16th in rushing yards per game (105.4), and 3rd in interceptions (10). They outrank the Minnesota Vikings in all of these categories except rushing yards per game, sacks, and forced fumbles. And the Packer offense deserves some credit for making the defense look good, as they have managed to limit their turnovers to two fumbles and interceptions apiece to make sure the defense’s turnovers are not in vain.

Lions Packers FootballI’m not saying the Packer defense is on par with the Vikings’, but it has taken steps forward to get to that point against nearly identical opponents. This weekend’s game features the Cleveland Browns on the opposite side of the field, who have many players with the LeBron flu and many more that play like they do. The Packers have a second straight chance to strengthen their defensive chemistry against a lesser team before facing the meat part of their schedule against the Ravens, Vikings, and Steelers.

The possibility that the Packer defense may win the team games as the offense continues to find itself is definitely a new feeling for Packer fans. Clearly the offensive line has problems everywhere, Rodgers has problems getting rid of the ball because he always hears footsteps, and the running game is so 2008. This of course has led to some desperate measures by Packer management in the form of free agency. Green Bay is rivaling New England in blast from the past free agent pickups. Unlike in New England, new Packers Ahman Green and Mark Tauscher actually have expectations to be regular contributors. Considering Ahman Green’s best days are seemingly behind him and Tauscher is coming off of knee surgery, it’s interesting to hear McCarthy and Ted Thompson changing their tones towards picking up veterans.

For all we know, Tauscher could be everything he was before last December’s knee injury, and Green could have a little bit of fumes left in his injury-proned tank. But wouldn’t these midseason problems have been alleviated if the team was more active under this philosophy during the offseason? Maybe McCarthy and Thompson have seen the light and understand that a free agent that will guarantee you some veteran level of production may be better than giving an annual baptism by fire to younger players. And maybe this is a way to cover their asses for free agent impotency. Either way, I hope it works.

What if Packer fans graded the Vikings’ performance, and vice versa?

Packers Vikings Football

By Jake McCormick and Andy Weise

How do you force objectivity out of football fans? Our answer is simply to have them grade the team they love to hate. That’s what Packer fan Jake McCormick and Viking fan Andy Weise did as a follow up to Monday’s record-setting showdown between Green Bay and Minnesota. As it turns out, the only man with cameras on him, other than Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy, ended up living up to the highly anticipated hype as Brett Favre orchestrated possibly one of his best games ever. The Vikings left the Metrodome with more answers and the Packers left with more questions. Here are some of those inquiries we had about our respective nemesis’s:

Jake McCormick
Packer fan

Minnesota Vikings positional grades:

Packers Vikings FootballQuarterback
Grade: A
As much as I hate to say it, you can’t downgrade a guy one bit when he has recently had problems in big games, but goes 24-31 for 271 yards and three TDs against a team that two years ago considered him Jesus reincarnate. Oh yeah, he took home the NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors too. It was the first game with an opened up passing offense for Minnesota, which makes me wonder if this was promised to Favre before he signed…

Running back
Grade: C+
Adrian Peterson easily had his worst game of the season, but give credit to the Green Bay defense for game planning against him effectively. Peterson still had 25 carries and indirectly helped Favre throw the ball all over the field like a kid again. Have I heard that somewhere before?

Wide receiver/tight end
Grade: B
Also give credit to the Packer defense for only looking at Viking running plays during the week’s preparation. The Viking receivers did their jobs of catching balls in wide open space as the Packers blew their coverage assignments like it was a pickup game. As long as the ghost of Troy Williamson doesn’t return, the unit as a whole should continue to improve in their abilities and chemistry with Favre.

Offensive line
Grade: B+
According to ESPN, Favre had one pass play where he was given 7.34 seconds to throw the ball. The line didn’t allow a sack all game and Favre was sitting in his impenetrable space bubble all night. The usually dependable run blocking line did look overpowered at times as the Packers ran numerous run blitzes and sniper shots at AP. But eight men against five or six is a fair fight, isn’t it?

Packers Vikings FootballDefensive line
Grade: A
I think eight sacks speak for themselves. Granted the Packer offensive line nearly escorted the Viking pass rush to Aaron Rodgers, but Jared Allen looked like he would’ve gotten 4.5 sacks against any left tackle. The biggest strength of the Minnesota defense continued to shine, and will be crucial to its future success. As if that last statement was some sort of revelation; I sound like a Monday Night Football announcer.

Grade: B
Chad Greenway recovered a fumble and made a huge tackle on a goalline run by Packer fullback John Kuhn, and Ben Leber recorded a sack. EJ Henderson played well through the pain, and the unit did a good job of keeping Ryan Grant from getting to the next level. But the Packer tight ends were responsible for a good chunk of Aaron Rodgers’ 384 passing yards, and although he dropped the ball, Donald Lee was wide open for a touchdown on the Viking goalline.

Grade: C-
This was the unit that was going to face the biggest test against the Packers, and it didn’t fail, but it barely passed. Antoine Winfield is the only consistent piece of the Minnesota secondary, and got credit for an interception that killed the Packers’ opening drive in Viking territory. Giving up 384 passing yards is never a good thing to put on a team’s resume, especially when the defensive line is severely pressuring the quarterback.

Overall, this was the first high pressure game of the year for Minnesota, and they won it with the typically strong defense and not so typical high octane passing game. The team will be riding on a golden chariot of confidence heading into this week’s matchup against the lowly St. Louis Rams. But the biggest tests this season come in the following weeks, before Favre’s just as highly anticipated return to Lambeau Field. I’ll bet that game becomes the highest rated Sunday game in league history if it’s broadcast nationally.

Andy Weise
Viking fan

Green Bay Packer grades:

Grade: A-
Aaron Rodgers is going to be a special player in the NFL for awhile. This wasn’t news to me but Rodgers proved himself as a franchise QB and the guy who deserved to take over the Packers over a year ago. He remained calm for much of the game even though his offensive line continued to crumble. He was most effective in the three step drop getting the ball quickly out of his hands but if he couldn’t find his first couple targets, he was generally getting hurried by some Viking.

Running back
Grade: C
Ryan Grant had an average game for a slightly above average running back against an above average run defense. Grant didn’t get the ball much once the Vikings took a two touchdown lead but he seemed to be doing OK when he was in before that. The Packers seem to have a drop off on third downs when Wynn goes in too.

Packers Vikings FootballWide receiver/tight end
Grade: B+
For the second week in a row the tight ends ran wild against the Vikings in the center of the field. Jordy Nelson also made it look easy down the middle when he scored on his touchdown. Greg Jennings and Donald Driver were relatively quiet being held under 100 yards combined with eight catches. The Vikings corners seemed to hold those two down but that’s when it opened things up for Jermichael Finley who went for 128 and a touchdown.

Offensive line
Grade: F
I knew this would be the difference in the game and it was. In four games the Packers have given up 20 sacks and Rodgers was brought down 8 times alone in the Vikings game. With Clifton out, Colledge struggled and T.J. Lang replaced him later because of injury only to look like a practice dummy as Jared Allen blew by him a few times (not always for a sack). Allen Barbre, who got a lot of flack earlier in the season, actually seemed to hold down a decent game but Jared Allen was attached to Rodgers for much of the game.

Defensive line
Grade: C-
Minnesota’s offensive line had given up sacks just like the Packers in the previous three games but somehow here they were able to block Green Bay from getting to Favre minus a couple of hits after the throw. Maybe the grade should be higher because they were able to stop Peterson in the running game but the lack of pressure on Favre was a big reason the Packers lost.

Packers Vikings FootballLinebackers
Grade: B
This unit was very active in the game, produced a big turnover that led to a touchdown and seemed to cover the field well when Peterson ran outside of the tackles. This was my first real chance to see how Aaron Kampman is transitioning and I have to say I was disappointed. While he does line up on the line sometimes, he’s not the same dangerous player he was when the Packers ran the 4-3.

Grade: C
We all know Al Harris and Charles Woodson are probably the best duo in the league. They’re physical guys who battle every single play but didn’t come away with a good game. Harris was beaten badly on the Berrian touchdown though he ended up getting no help from the safety. He bit badly on Favre’s pump fake (how many times did I see that when he was in Green Bay, too many) and Woodson had a couple of costly penalties. The safeties didn’t factor in too much to the game.

The biggest thing I take away from this game is Aaron Rodgers really played a great game despite the horrible offensive line play. Packers’ fans have to be satisfied with that guy under center because the offensive line cannot get worse at this point. I’ve read Mark Tauscher might be coming back to take over at the right tackle spot he previously took care of and once Clifton is back they should be fine. It will be exciting to see Favre at Lambeau Field in a few weeks but I’m sure for now he is just happy to come away with the first win over his former team.