Ohio State Looking like National Title Contender

ohio state buckeyes

When the college football season begins in September, there is (if I may quote the Earth, Wind and Fire tune named after the current month) “never a cloudy day,” at least when it comes to the expectations of players and coaches. The forecast for the upcoming season is always sunny; everyone you interview at every media day will pretty much tell say his team is going 12-0 and finishing the season in Pasadena (or wherever the national title game is being held that January).

It’s kind of like how in prison every inmate tells you he’s innocent. But in Columbus, Ohio, over-the-top optimism of this sort is quite valid. During their opening tune-up versus Marshall, the Ohio State Buckeyes showed the 105,000+ people on hand why they’re ranked #2 in the nation; and why they received three first place votes in the AP preseason poll.

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