Northwestern to face Texas Tech in Dallas, New Year’s Day Bowl


Just as I predicted exactly after week eight of the regular season, the Northwestern Wildcats will head to Dallas for the Dallas Football Classic, (re-named Ticket City Bowl since I made the prediction) on New Year’s Day in the Cotton Bowl. This college football bowl game will feature the Big 12 eighth team, in this case the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

So you know this game will be to forward passing what tight t-shirts and hair gel is to young New Jersey males.

By Paul M. Banks

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Illinois and Northwestern Bowl Projection/Preview


Currently, 70/120 FBS college football teams participate in a bowl game at the end of the season. This includes 6-6 teams, and this year believe it or not, a couple 5-7 or 6-7 teams. Yes, this is turning into “everyone gets a trophy” and setting a horrible example for our children.

But on to more positive things- Illinois has their second bowl berth since 2002, and now Zook is in a more relaxed state than he was here.

For the Illini, it would currently appear that they are looking at the Insight/Texas and Ticket City bowl area, with a sprinkle of Gator Bowl added in for flair. The final week of the season will have a TON to say about what happens in this area, but the Illini have a lot going for them at this point — They actually are done with Big Ten games, and have finished at 4-4. Interestingly, the Illini could finish as high as fifth overall in the Big Ten, having a tiebreaker with Penn State. However…

We’re making this pick under the assumption that two Big Ten teams — for the purposes of this discussion, Wisconsin and Ohio State — make the BCS.

By Paul M. Banks and Paul Schmidt

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