NFL Labor Talks Intensifiy, but 2 Sides Still Fall Apart

Will the NFLPA Boycott the Draft? and Other Lockout Stumbling Points


The NFLPA may have decertified thus giving up its status, but as a trade association, it can still pack a punch in the ongoing dispute with the league.

The latest rumor has it that the NFLPA is preparing to boycott the April 28-30 draft, by preventing the top prospects from entering the draft. Although nothing official has been heard from the NFLPA regarding the matter, what is certain is that the union met and held conferences with several of the top prospects and that it enjoys full support on that front. With all that in mind, a full boycott of the draft would also be possible – provided there’s consensus amongst the prospects on the matter.

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Judge Orders NFLPA and Owners into Mediation


The NFLPA and the League have been ordered back to mediated negotiations by US District Judge Susan Nelson.

The Judge appointed Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan to serve as mediator and the two parties are supposed to meet in Boylan’s courtroom on Thursday. The decision comes in the wake of a flurry of letters exchanged among the parties regarding the resumption of the negotiations.

Judge Nelson said she would take a couple of weeks to rule on the class spearheaded by the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady vs NFL et al case, during which the two sides should attempt to bridge their differences through mediated negotiations.

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Adrian Peterson Right? NFL Players Association Akin to “Modern Day Slavery”?

adrian peterson

As the NFL Players Association and the league and owners failed to hash out a deal before the expiration of the NFL collective bargaining agreement, the law has gotten involved, and emotions are running high. Much controversy has surrounded a recent comment made by Vikings star running back, Adrian Peterson. In an interview with Yahoo, Peterson likened the current situation between players and owners to “modern day slavery”. This language, of course, ruffled a good many feathers, and has had the talking heads foaming at the mouth ever since, but is there something to Peterson’s comments?

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Roger Goodell’s Open Letter From The NFL Rings False

Rarely do I read my emails looking for form letters. Rarer still, do I see a form letter and think, “Damn, I gotta read that!”

Tonight, there was a pretty big exception.

As my phone vibrated calmly away, I opened up my email program and lo and behold! An email from Roger Goodell!

I figured it meant he read my last piece on the NFLPA decertifying and wanted to give me an exclusive. Turns out, no…it was just a form letter.

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BREAKING: NFLPA Decertifies, Owners Likely Cannot Lock Out Players

Roger Goodell was just saying on television that he believes that this will be resolved at the negotiating table, but that the players have chosen a different route.

Boy, have they ever.

The NFL Players Association has filed in court for decertification, something that they had planned for all season, as the teams and members of the union had unanimously voted all season for this possibility.

The owners say they were fully engaged and fully committed to a solution, but in reality, their goal all along has been to avoid litigation and any anti-trust suit. [Read more…]